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Class Syllabus

Vineyard Junior High
U.S. History
Mrs. Herchenroeder

Students in eighth grade United States History start with a review of the
development of America’s democratic institutions, trace the development of
American politics, society, culture and economy and learn about the
challenges facing the new nation, with an emphasis on the causes, course and
consequences of the Civil War.  You will make connections between the rise
of industrialization and contemporary social and economic conditions.  We
will accomplish this with reading, class discussion, projects, group work,
writing assignments and various other learning experiences.  During some
chapters, films will be shown to help emphasize a particular event in
history – in some instances, a permission slip will be required and will be
sent home with the student for a parent signature.

Below is the scope and sequence we will try to follow:

1st Trimester:  
Chapter 2 Road to Independence           
Chapter 3 A More Perfect Union
Chapter 4 The Constitution
Chapter 5 The Federalist Era
Chapter 6 The Age of Jefferson

2nd Trimester:  
Chapter 7 Foreign Affairs in the Early Republic
Chapter 8 The Northeast:  Building Industry
Chapter 9 The South
Chapter 10 The Age of Jackson
Chapter 11 Manifest Destiny
Chapter 12 Road to Civil War

3rd Trimester:  
Chapter 13 The Civil War
Chapter 14 Reconstruction
Chapter 15 The Western Frontier
Chapter 16 The Growth of Industry
Chapter 17 America Enters a New Century


100 to 90% = A
89 to 80% = B
70 to 70% = C
69 to 60% = D
Below 59% = F

·Grading is done on the point system.
·Students will be graded on homework, tests & quizzes, notes & notebooks, 
and participation.

NOTE:  Students are expected to take notes during class to help prepare
themselves for high school and college.

·Citizenship grade will be determined by classroom behavior and work ethic.
·Assignments must be turned in on time.  Late work will receive half
credit.  It is advisable for students to keep all graded assignments in a
folder at home for future reference.
·All make-up work must be turned in before the completion of the chapter.

NOTE:  Grades can be accessed online at:

If a student is found cheating, they will receive a “U” in citizenship and
their grade will be adjusted accordingly.

The American Journey - This book is very expensive.  Please see that you
take care of it.  Cover it and keep it in prime condition with no spills or

Students are required to copy the information written daily on the white
board into their school notebooks or calenders.  This information covers what will be done
in class and what is expected as homework.  Homework is often reading and/or
finishing the assignment we started in class.  Homework will be assigned
daily, however, if there is no homework assigned for a particular day, I
expect the students to take 10 to 15 minutes and review the chapter section
we are on along with their notes.  A quiz will be given after each section
in the book.  Work done in class is not collected until the following day.

In addition to the Minder Binder, assignments will be posted on the Vineyard
Junior High School website:


Be respectful of others    Warning
Pay attention     Call home
Stay on task     Office referral
Use self-discipline
Follow the school rules
No food or gum
No cell phones are to be out or on during class

Be in seat when the tardy bell rings with your Minder Binder and pen or
pencil out (you will be considered tardy if not seated when the bell rings).
·Homework should be out and ready to discuss
·Class is dismissed by the teacher, NOT by the bell.
·Assignments must be written neatly and legibly or typed with correct
spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Assignments will be posted on the website.  Students will have one day per
day absent to get the work in.  It is the responsibility of the student to
ask for any missed assignments.

1.Be in your seat with your pen/pencil and other necessary supplies out when
the bell rings or you will be marked tardy.
2.We will go over any school announcements of the day and class business.
3.You are to write your daily assignment in your Minder Binder.
4.The class is not a social event.  You are to use the entire time to do
school work.  If you are not working, disturbing others, or otherwise
disrupting the class, you will be given a warning (verbal or visual).  If
you disrupt again, your parent will receive a phone call in regard to your
behavior and a referral to the office will be given.
5.Unless you are answering a teacher directed question, giving a
presentation, or reading a passage for the class, your voice should not be
6.You are to use the full amount of class time to work and not pack up until
the teacher dismisses the class.
7.You are expected to remain seated and quiet.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact me via my voicemail
at Vineyard Jr. High:  909.484.5120.  I will return your phone call as soon
as possible.
I prefer to speak directly to the parent when there are concerns about a student, therefore I rarely utilize the school E-mail system.
Thank you, Mrs. Herchenroeder

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