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Welcome to Jasper Elementary School
Home of the Champions
Sue G                charon
Sue Geddes                           Charron Rodriguez                        
Principal                                Assistant Principal                   
Jasper Elementary School is located in the residential community of Alta Loma, in Southern California.   We are one of ten schools in the Alta Loma School District in the city of Rancho Cucamonga.
Jasper Elementary School opened in the fall of 1975. Our school population reflects the cultural diversity of the community. Our staff services students in regular education and physically challenged students who are fully included, as well as students with special needs in our Special Day Class, Resource Specialist Program, Speech and Language, English Language Learners, and Adaptive P.E. We also provide enrichment opportunities for our students by offering G.A.T.E., music, after school programs, and student leadership opportunities.
The instructional approaches used to implement the program include team planning, team teaching, whole group, small group, and individualized instruction utilizing both direct and cooperative learning techniques. The school plan is outlined by staff, and then given to the School Site Council for final revision and approval. Ongoing planning includes scheduled component meetings with SBCP coordinators as well as annual observations in the classrooms.
Jasper Elementary School encourages parent participation and community involvement, which facilitates a feeling of warmth, belonging, encouragement, love, and family. Our efforts to provide this nurturing environment, allow our students to grow and achieve their maximum potential.
Mission Statement
We Believe That…
Every Child can learn.
Education is teamwork and requires commitment and involvement from each student, parent, and staff member.
Learning must be rigorous and relevant.
Learning must occur in an environment that is safe, orderly, and caring.
Providing our students with a high quality education will better prepare them to face the challenges of their world and the future.
High expectations are achievable as we strive for excellence.
Giving our personal best in our efforts and attitude is essential to our individual and team success.
Recognizing the importance of each person's uniqueness helps to build a community that is sensitive and accepting of individual differences.
Taking personal responsibility for our actions and behavior will make our community a better place in which to live, work, and play.