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        Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year! 

    We begin the year fully committed to continue implementation of California State Standards districtwide in English Language Arts and Mathematics, as well as Literacy Standards in both Social Studies and Next Generation Science Standards. We are proud of our students for making excellent gains in implementing and applying the standards in their studies.

    In math, students and parents will have access to several resources provided via our Math Adoptions District-wide to help them navigate the standards. Pearson Envision Math will be implemented in grades kindergarten through fifth grade. Students in grades 6-8 will be taught using Big Ideas Math. The junior high schools offer accelerated mathematics in grades 7-8 for qualified students and will use Big Ideas Math, McGraw-Hill Accelerated 7 and Integrated I programs.

    In English Language Arts, the materials for kindergarten through fifth grade are Houghton Mifflin Harcourt's California JOURNEYS. In grades 6-8, students are fully engaged with McGraw Hill's STUDY SYNC. Both programs are blended and offer print and digital resources as well as integrated English Language Development standards and lessons. We are excited for you to learn how to access the resources to enrich your student's learning experience.

    In science, we are implementing new instructional materials, Amplify, in grades K-8. Instead of isolated science instruction at each grade level, Next Generation Science Standards, integrate life science, physical science, and earth science at each grade level. Teachers are being trained in the shifts in science instruction to aide in the successful integration and implementation. Also, teachers in grades 6-8 will be implementing TCI's History Alive program in Social Studies. The program is highly interactive and engaging.

    Student results from our California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) will help guide our teachers in planning and preparing coursework and curriculum that ensures that our students are well prepared for the CAASPP assessment at the end of this year. We are excited about developing critical thinkers and problems solvers with the end goal of preparing students for college and career. Alta Loma is proud to have achieved a fully "GREEN' California Dashboard.

    In teaching our State Standards, students will be implementing 21st Century skills that include Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Communication (4 C’s). As we begin to ask our students to think critically, they will be asked to analyze sources and cite evidence to support their answers. Our students will approach challenging tasks that require perseverance and deep problem solving. As 21st Century communicators, students will need to justify their thinking both orally and in written form, write across the curriculum, as well as integrate technology into their learning.

    As we begin this school year with unprecedented challenges, we appreciate your support with Distance Learning.  Students will be engaged with their teacher daily in the Google Classroom.  It is our goal to replicate our outstanding educational program while your child learns safely at home until we can reopen for in class instruction.

    The Educational Services Department of the Alta Loma School District works to provide a rigorous educational program, as well as many services and opportunities for our students. The goal of our Educational Services department is to create opportunities that foster continuous student growth and achievement. We can do that by being focused on instruction, student engagement, social and emotional health, and active participation both at school and home. We strive to team with you through a collaborative partnership to ensure excellence and a love of learning for all of our students. 

    Lori Thompson

    Associate Superintendent, Educational Services 

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    Lori Rios, Data Technician x102023
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