Mrs. Kulm



Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology Teaching Credential/CLAD certified In the process of completing Master's in Educaiton CPR/First Aide Certified

Mrs. Kulm

Hello! I'm Mrs. Kulm!

Welcome to Physical Education and/or That's Life!

I can't believe that this is my 12th year teaching in the Alta Loma District. I began as an elementary PE teacher with the opportunity to roam to several different elementary schools within the district. I really got to know a lot of the staff, administration and district personnel. However, I was overjoyed when I was able to find a home here at Vineyard! I love the staff, the students and having the opportunity to do what I love! Along with teaching PE, you will find me during 5th and 6th period teaching an Elective class in the Wheel called "That's Life!" It's an overall health and nutrition class that touches on just about everything "life" will throw at you. From physical, to mental, to emotional health along with certain "life" skills including manners, hygiene, growth mindset, self-esteem and bullying. 

I graduated from Cal State Fullerton with my Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology. I completed my credential work at Chapman University and am in the process of finishing up my master's degree!

When I'm not on campus, I get the privilege of being called "mama" to a high energy, funny, music loving, joke telling, hat wearing, 4 year old toddler! My husband (who is a high school Economics teacher and varsity soccer coach) and I just celebrated our 10 year anniversary over the summer in Nashville. We also have 2 beautiful Golden Retrievers, Max and Maya! We enjoy taking our trailer out and about, and at least once a week you can find us at Disneyland! I'm also a youth group leader for our church and you'll see me Wednesdays in t he MPR during lunch with the Christian Club... stop on by!!

My hope is to encourage each of my students to do their absolute best in every endeavour! There's nothing this "life" will throw at them that they can't overcome. Each one of them has a purpose! I look forward to helping your child succeed and working collaboratively with you to ensure that happens! Together, we can do anything!

Mrs. Kulm

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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments



    P.E.- clothes go home every Friday! Please remember to wash and return with them on Monday mornings!

    No jewelry, watches, etc. Safety first!

    ***Grading: for Progress Reports you will only see RUN GRADES on Illuminate (so it might not look at times that your child's grade is the best, but that's only 25% of their grade). I mark my rosters daily for behavior, participation, effort, teacher observation, etc. but I have too many students to log all that information into Illuminate everyday.  

    There will be ONE full week dedicated to make-ups for any missed or failed run, and this will also serve as a time to earn extra credit or improve your grade on a run. Throughout the trimester your child has had opportunities to improve their Fitness Card. Whether they take me up on those opportunities, or not, is completely up to them and is their responsibility! 

    ***Inclement Weather: On inclement weather days (high tempertures/rainy) we will do activities in the gym. If we know there will be consecutive days of inclement weather, we may show a movie (G or PG rating only). Below are a few of the movies that may be shown in the event of consecutive inclement weather days:

    Miracle       Field of Dreams       Rudy       Remeber the Titans       The Rookie       Sandlot


    If you do not want your child to view any of the above listed, please email ASAP.





    That's Life- always have your NOTEBOOK with you in class. Any time you're absent or out of the classroom, be sure to check MRS. KULM'S Notebook (located at the front of the classroom) to get yourself caught up. It's your responsibility!

    There has been an increase in students not coming prepared to class with pencils, please be sure to have these as they are very important to have and are always needed. So try to make sure you pack more than one, you'll need them for all your classes! 

    Also, please the check the NO NAME bins for any missing assignments you may see on Illuminate. Always check there first before asking me.

    If you missed a day, it's your responsibility to ask me for any in-class assignment we may have done!