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    District Plan for Student Achievement

    As an outcome of the new funding formula legislated in 2014, California public schools will operate under the guidelines of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). The LCFF requires that school districts must develop, adopt, and annually update a three-year plan called The Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP).

    The Local Control Funding Formula refers to eight areas of student achievement and school improvement that districts must address. The eight priorities are reflected in the LCAP along with goals and actions to address the state priorities for all students and for student subgroups, particularly low-income students, English learners and foster youth. District Local Control Accountability Plan goals encompass all eight state priorities. Alta Loma School District LCAP goals:

    1. Provide high quality standards-based instruction that is rigorous and engaging.

    2. Ensure the implementation of state, academic, performance, and English language development standards embedded in 21st Century Learning Skills.

    3. Provide all students a broad and enriching course of study at each grade level that reaches beyond the core.

    4. Ensure that students are high school, college, and career ready by demonstrating continuous progress towards academic and English language achievement targets.

    5. Provide opportunities for parent input on educational programs, services, and use of resources.

    6. Provide a safe, attractive, and well maintained learning environment that supports student engagement, wellness, health and school connectedness.

    The eight state priorities are organized into three main areas:

    Conditions of Learning: Basic (qualified teachers and standards-aligned instructional materials, school facilities in good repair); Implementation of State Standards and English language development standards; Course Access (pupils offered a broad course of study).

    Pupil Outcomes: Pupil Achievement (performance on standardized tests and prepare students to be college and career ready, English learners are proficient); Pupil Outcomes (in subject areas).

    Engagement: Parental Involvement (efforts to seek parent input in decision making); Pupil Engagement ( school attendance rates, reduced dropout rates, increased high school graduation rates); School Climate (pupil suspension and expulsion rates reduced, parents and teachers sense safety and school connectedness).

    Stakeholder Engagement: Meaningful engagement of parents, pupils and other stakeholders, including those representing student subgroups is critical to the LCAP and budget process. The intention of the Alta Loma School District is continue an on-going relationship with stakeholder advisory groups and incorporate their input into the LCAP.

    Involvement Process:

    Parent Stakeholders:
    •PTA (school site representatives)
    •Site Council (representatives from each school site)
    •DELAC (parents of English language learners)
    •LCAP Advisory Group (representatives from each school site and significan sub groups)
    •General Survey

    District Stakeholders:
    •Board Members
    •Management Team (certificated and classified administrators)
    •Teacher Groups (Curriculum Council, school leadership teams, ALEA- teacher bargaining unit)
    •Teacher General Survey

    Student Outreach
    •Grade 4-8 student representative groups (random sampling, leadership groups, student senate)
    •Grade 3-8 General Survey

LCAP Information