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    James Moore,  
    Superintendent         Supt
    Adriana Mohler, Administrative Assistant  x102003

    Message from the Superintendent

    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year.

     It’s hard to believe we’re closing in on the year 2020. It seems like just yesterday we were charging head-first into the new millennium. Now 20 years later, we’re already two decades into the 21st century.

     While those are just numbers, the reality is that we continue to strive to prepare our students for today and their tomorrow. In the blink of an eye, we’ll be commemorating their milestones and achievements as they progress toward high school, college and their future careers.

     The truth is, that life is remembered through moments. It’s not the regular things you do every day that are etched in memories, but rather those singular occasions that stand out because they are unique, exceptional or extraordinary.

     I’m proud that the Alta Loma School District is making distinctive memories possible every day at our schools. That’s because we have amazing teachers and administrators who are creating those moments that will, in part, have a defining impact on the future of our students.

     We’re also fortunate to have tremendous support from our families and the community, as well as a strong Board of Trustees and management team that are pro-active and forward-looking in their leadership. It’s their vision that sets the tone for the things we’ll remember tomorrow.

     Over the past year, the Alta Loma School District continued to enjoy measured growth and healthy changes in every capacity, including academics, personnel, administration, technology and facilities.

     Our students continue to improve over a range of statewide accountability indicators, according to the California Department of Education’s school dashboard. The district met or exceeded standards on six statewide college/career and chronic absenteeism indicators and an assortment of local indicators.

     Projects made possible from 2016’s Bond Measure H are well underway and progressing nicely. We’re scheduled to take possession of the new classroom building at Deer Canyon Elementary school late in the fall or after the first of the year, depending on a schedule that will be the least disruptive.

     We recently completed the new lunch shelter at Victoria Groves Elementary School, and major modernization projects at Alta Loma Junior High and Vineyard Junior High kicked off during the summer to bring a variety of renovations, structural updates, infrastructure improvements and technological, learning environment and safety upgrades.

     Vineyard Junior High School was named one of only 200 secondary schools in California and only 11 in San Bernardino County as a California Distinguished School for 2018-2019.

     Although not unusual, the district will see new principals at five of our 10 schools, along with a number of new assistant principals. All are experienced educational leaders, including many who have held positions in the Alta Loma School District.

     Setting our sights on the 2019-2020 school year, I encourage you to take the time to live in the moment. Cherish those distinct events, words, lessons, people, conversations and special occasions that are destined to endure as memories.


     James B. Moore