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  • Leaves of Absence

    There are different types of Leaves of Absence that can be requested by the employee. All leaves are subject to approval and appropriate paperwork.

    Certificated and Classified Employees:

    CFRA: California Family Rights Act allows up to 12 weeks Parental Leave for the birth, adoption, or placement of a foster child using sick leave, then differential.

    FMLA: The Family Medical Leave Act allows the employee to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave time to care for an eligible family member (note: this is an unpaid leave and a medical note is required). If you have medical benefits, they will continue during this time. FMLA runs concurrently with medical leaves.

    Medical Leave of Absence: This type of leave is when an employee is on extended (over 3 days) leave for medical reasons. The employee uses their available sick leave benefits (must provide a doctor's note).

    Unpaid Leave of Absence: Employees may request in writing a personal unpaid leave of absence for up to one year which may or may not be approved.

    CERTIFICATED Employees Only:

    Differential: While out on a doctor's note, once sick leave is exhausted, this is the difference between your rate of pay and the substitute's rate of pay. You may or may not receive differential pay. Our benefits coordinator will go over this with you.

  • Steps Before and During Leave of Absence

    • Submit a letter for the type of Leave of Absence and dates you are requesting to your principal
    • Provide a doctor's note (if applicable)
    • If applicaple, work with your principal to arrange a substitute for the duration of your leave (must be approved by your principal and Human Resources)
    • No later than two weeks prior to your return date, inform your principal regarding the status of your leave/return date

    Steps Before You Return to Work

    • Notify your principal that you are ready to return to work
    • Provide a doctor's note with a release/return to work date (if applicable) to your principal and Risk Management