• VJH Behavior Matrix

    Science/Social Studies  Classroom



    Be respectful

    Be Responsible

    Be Relational

    Entering the  classroom

    • Quietly report to your assigned seat before the tardy bell rings
    • Have materials (Minder Binder/Homework, etc…) out by the time the tardy bell rings
    • Observe personal space

    General Classroom

    • Use  good manners
    • Respect each other, the teacher, and materials
    • Ask permission to get up from assigned seat
    • Always demonstrate appropriate behavior for substitute teachers
    • Help create a positive learning environment for all
    • Have a positive attitude

    During Instruction

    • Listen to instructions carefully
    • List to the presenter/speaker or person answering
    • Raise your hand and wait to be called upon
    • Stay focused on teacher
    • Follow instructions the first time given
    • Work until directed by the teacher to put away any items away
    • Be open-minded

    Turning in Assignments

    • Pass in papers in a neat manner
    • Do your own work
    • Place your first and last name on your paper
    • Turn in assignments on time
    • Make positive, encouraging comments about other students’ work

    Whiteboard and Classroom Materials

    • Use materials for their designated purpose
    • Return items in good condition

    • Put materials away
    • Use materials when asked to do so
    • Help others around you if they are open to it.

    Group/Pair Work/labs

    • Form groups according to instructions
    • Use lab equipment only as directed

    • Participate
    • Pull your weight
    • Do your own work
    • Clean up lab as directed (all materials return to the location you found them)
    • Be positive towards working with new people.
    • Be open to work with others who have a different personality from yourself. 

    Test Taking

    • Keep your eyes on your own paper
    • Work on your test silently
    • Work silently
    • Turn test in as directed by the teacher
    • Quietly work on an approved activity when finished with your test

    Absences and Late Work

    • Wait until the appropriate time to discuss missing work/assignments
    • Complete missed work
    • Look on the website/remind me notifications/agenda board for missed work
    • Ask fellow classmates for help or a to copy their notes


    • Wait until the appropriate time to ask
    • Reenter class discretely
    • Quickly use the facilities
    • Use restroom during passing period
    • One person at a time