•                                              Home Hospital

    Any pupil with a temporary disability, which makes attendance in regular day classes or alternative education programs impossible or inadvisable, may receive individual or home instruction.  Instruction in the Home/Hospital program will be provided by Alta Loma School District.

    The purpose of Home/Hospital Instruction is to support the student in maintaining a continuity of instruction during the student's absence from the regular program.

    To qualify for Home/Hospital Instruction, the student's disability must be diagnosed and verified in writing by a licensed physician.  The term, "temporary disability" means disabled by accident or by physical, mental or emotional illness for a period of three (3) weeks or longer.  A student may also qualify for Home/Hospital instruction through the Individual Educational Plan process.


    If you feel the Home/Hospital program would be an acceptable fit for your student and family, please contact the attendance clerk at your home school to start the process.