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    Necessary Repairs in Alta Loma School District

    Here in Alta Loma School District, we are proud to have a reputation for strong student achievement, as well as multiple California Distinguished School Awards and a Blue Ribbon School in our district. Great schools improve the quality of life in our community and protect the value of our homes.

    Some ALSD schools are now over 50 years old, and many need to be brought up to the same standards as newer schools. Roofs are beginning to need replacement, outdated electrical systems will not support current technology standards and portable classrooms need to be replaced with permanent buildings. To meet current academic and safety standards, our schools need to be modernized and updated.

    In order to maintain modern schools and promote a high-quality education, the Alta Loma School District Board of Trustees voted to place Measure H, a $58 million bond measure, on the November 8, 2016 ballot to update local schools. On this page, you can find informational materials regarding Measure H.

    Click here for the Bond Resolution and the images below for more information.

    Click here for the completed project list for the 1999 General Obligation Bond.

    Click here for the Bond Measure H Frequently Asked Questions.

    Click here for 11.8.17 Measure H Update

    Click here for 1/24/18 Measure H Update

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