• Program Fees

    There is an annual non-refundable registration fee of $65.00 per student. The registration fee per family will not exceed $150.00. The number of days and hours that may be used before and/or afterschool determine your monthly tuition fees. Tuition is due the 1st of each month with a grace period of 4 days; $25 late fee will be placed on the 6th. Child Care is available on modified days at no extra charge. No credit is given for absences.

    Monthly Fees for elementary school students are as follows:

    Extended Day: Over 4 hours                    Half Day: Up to 4 hours

    5 days: $410                                          5 days: $325

    4 days: $350                                          4 days: $290

    3 days: $280                                          3 days: $240

                    2 days: $225                                          2 days: $185                

    1 day: $140                                           1 day: $100

    5 days up to 2 hours: $235

    5 days up to 1 hour: $130 

    Monthly Fees for junior high school students are as follows:

    $5.00 per day for mornings only

    $12.00 per day for afternoons only 

    $16.00 per day for both mornings & afternoons

    *For additional information regarding Hang Time please call Hang Time Coordinator, Marissa Nieves-Serna: 909-476-8135