• After School Sports Will be Available for the 2022/23 School Year!

    After School Sports


    Vineyard takes pride in our student athletes who represent us in football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, and track & field. Students must be eligible to participate and follow school rules and coaches instructions. Prior to the sport's season, coaches will hold interest meetings for students interested in participating. Students must attend interest meetings and return their sports packet/paperwork by the deadline given by the coach - no exceptions. Meetings, deadlines, and schedules are listed on our website calendardaily bulletins, and announced during our daily morning announcements.

    Eligibility Requirements (also listed in our Parent Handbook):

    • Students must meet all school obligations in order to be eligible to participate (actively or as a spectator).
    • Students must have a 2.0 GPA (Grade Point Average) on the most recent progress report or report card and meet citizenship eligibility.
    • A student is ineligible if the citizenship grade points are equal to or more than -3 Points (U = -2; N = -1) or if the student has received an in/out of school suspension during the most recent grading period.
    • If a student is not actively participating in PE during the school day, he/she may not participate in after school sports programs.
    • Students must abide by our school's dresscode at all times; dress code is listed on page 21 of the Parent Handbook, which can be found HERE.
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