Frequently Asked Questions: This page contains answers to common questions of students and parents.

    How you get into GATE?

    You take a test. Your parents and/or teachers recommend you. You need to be an independent worker and thinker.

    Are you always in GATE?

    Yes, once you are identified as a GATE student, you are always one. However, if you don't maintain a B average in all subjects, you may not be eligable for GATE Cluster groups in Junior High.

    What do you think is the most fun activity in G.A.T.E ?

    We think the most fun activity will be the field trip during school. You new GATE students you'll think it's fun too.

    What does G.A.T.E actually stand for?

    G.A.T.E actually stands for Gifted and Talented Education  program.

    What do you do in G.A.T.E ?

    In G.A.T.E you go and do special activities after school and during it too. Your teachers and parents give you challenging work to help you think more deeply and go into more detail in your academic subjects. You also learn extra facts and things about the world around you.

    What do we do educationally?

    We learn while having fun like the Big Boat trip we reinact the old time ways to travel, mostly in 17-1800's. Each class is different- we learn from other GATE students in our groups.

    Will we have any new activities?

    Yes, because if you look on the calendar you will see new activities. We've already learned about Hearst Castle and made rock crystals. Plus check out our updated WebSite.

    Where do you go for the activities?

    Check out our WebSite- listen for morning announcements- look for permission slips to go home for GATE activities.

    What are the G.A.T.E teacher's names?

    Mrs. Campbell, Mr. Rader, Mr. McIntosh, Mrs. La Chase, Mrs. Fotia, Mrs. Trevino, 
    Ms. Fell, Mrs. Rodriguez and more!

    Should you do more work for GATE?

    I think if you are close to getting C's you should for extra credit  so that you'll at least get a B-. You have to maintain a B average or better to participate, especially in Junior High! You should be thinking more and connecting information- thinking harder and smarter!