• RC Libraries


    We always encourage students to visit our community libraries on an on-going basis.  We are fortunate to have two such libraries in our area. The Archibald Library is located at 7368 Archibald Avenue in Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 with a phone contact number of (909) 477-2721.  The other library is the Paul A Biane Library which is located at 12505 Cultural Center Drive in Rancho Cucamonga with a phone contact number of (909) 477-2720. These libraries host different events throughout the year and have a wonderful summer reading program for students.

    You can access the Rancho Cucamonga Libraries online at http://www.rcpl.lib.ca.us/

    The Rancho Cucamonga Public Libraries offer a resource for Free Live Homework. The site operates from 1:00 PM to 10:00 PM and may be accessed at http://www.repl.lib.ca.us/. There is a one to one certified tutor that can help in the areas of Math, Science, English, and Social Studies.