• Catalina Island Marine Institue (CIMI) Field Trip


    CIMI is a 7th grade science club field trip.  It is a three day program that consists of a series of half day learning activities, which may include snorkeling, island ecology hikes, oceanography, and marine biology.  Students will participate in activities in the various modern, well-equipped laboratories, and outside on the beach, ocean, and canyons of the bay.  Students are always under the supervision of trained CIMI instructors and Vineyard staff, and parent chaperones.  A high level of caution and constant supervision is exercised throughout the entire program.   Students who attend this outdoor science trip will experience a science adventure that will not only teach marine science and island ecology, but also stimulate curiosity for nature.  This three-day adventure will become a treasured memory. 

    In order for students to be eligible for this trip they must meet the following eligibility requirements: 

           GPA of 2.0 on all grade reports up to and including the progress report just prior to the trip

           No more than (-3) in citizenship marks on all grade reports and the progress report just prior to the trip. 
           Points are calculated as a U = (-2) and an N (-1).

    In order for a student to be considered for this experience, a permission slip must be turned into the Student Store by the specified cut-off date, which will be posted in the school"s daily bulletin and on the school web site.  Full payment of the trip must also be paid by the specified cut-off date.

    FAQ"s (Frequently asked Questions)

    Q.  What is the cost of the trip?

    A.  The total cost of the trip is approximately $290.00.

    Q.  Who are the CIMI instructors?

    A.  The instructors at CIMI are young adults who have graduated from college with a degree in one of the sciences.  They are certified divers and accredited first aiders.  These instructors have also been trained in the CIMI curriculum and are experienced with young adolescents. 

    Q.  Will there be other schools attending CIMI while Vineyard students are there?

    A.  Yes.  Schools and youth groups from all over the country will attend CIMI while we are there.  However, there is no interaction between our students an other groups.  Our students will have separate dining rooms, restrooms, and sleeping quarters.  All activities are done with other Vineyard students except for riding the boat to and from Catalina Island.

    Q.  How will students get to CIMI?

    A.  Vineyard students will ride school from Vineyard to Long Beach.  From there, students will board a large boat to ToyonBay.

    Q.  How much spending money should each child bring?

    A.  Spending money is optional.  There is a store at CIMI that sells small items:  postcards, T-shirts and sweatshirts, souvenirs, cameras, and film.  They may also buy food on the boat.  Other than buying a T-shirt or sweatshirt, students should not need more than $20 - $25 for incidentals on this trip.

    Q.  What are dorm facilities like?

    A.  The student dorms are furnished with two to ten bunk beds per room.  Restroom and shower facilities are located in or down the hall from every room.  Chaperones from Vineyard will either be in the rooms with students or a short distance down the hallway.  The boys and girls areas are separate.

    Q.  How can I become a chaperone?

    A.  Being a chaperone is a strenuous job and a full time commitment.  If you would like to be considered, please e-mail or call science teacher, Kim Green or Francesca Sabatelli, as soon as possible.

    Q.  Is the snorkeling optional?

    A.  The snorkeling is optional and costs an extra $5

    Q. How do the students pack?

    A.  Students must only bring one piece of luggage (duffle bag), a sleeping bag, and a pillow.  The sleeping bag must be inside one trash bag.  Please put a piece of duct tape on both the student"s luggage and trash bag with first and last name. Also, please bring an extra trash bag for the trip home.

    Q. What items should be brought on this trip?

    A.  old shirts                                            swim suit

         shorts                                                socks

         jeans                                                 shampoo

         jacket                                                beach towel

         long sleeve shirt or sweater                   sleeping bag

         rain gear                                            flashlight

         sleepwear                                          sturdy shoes

         toothbrush/toothpaste                         inhaler (if student is asthmatic)

    Q. What optional gear may students bring?

    A.  pillow                                                 sunglasses

         sunhat                                               sunscreen

         camera                                              water bottle

         $ for optional night snorkel and souvenirs      

    Students may bring their cell phones to call parents on the way home from Catalina.  There is absolutely no service on the part of the island students will be visiting.  Students may also bring anIpod to use on the bus ride.  The school is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.  

    Q.  What items are not allowed on this trip?

    A.  Students are not allowed to bring any item that is not allowed at school, and this includes gum.  Please do not have students bring large amounts of money.  Lost or stolen money is the responsibility of the school. Other items not allowed would be spear guns, pole spears, fishing gear, sheath knives, radios, sling shots, and electronic games.