6th information

  • Incoming 7th Grade Orientation


    Easing the Transition

    The Administration and Staff have recognized that the transition from elementary school to junior high can be very stressful and we have incorporated a number of steps to ease that transition.

    1.  Each year Vineyard Jr. High sends a group of 8th grade leadership students to each of the four elementary school sites to prepare 6th graders for the excitement of junior high life.  These sessions are half lecture and half question and answer format.  

    2.  6th grade students take a field trip to Vineyard for their first orientation meeting on campus.  Our Principal, Assistant Principal and Dean of Students present a slide show covering expectations and opportunities for each student.  The school band and choir perform and a short video presentation of school life is presented.  Students are taken on a campus tour and given samples of cafeteria food.

    3.  Parents and students are invited back for another presentation so parents can hear about expectations, opportunities and routines.

    4.  Viking Vision is offered in the summer.  It is a one day program at Vineyard where students get to know their future classmates, meet some teachers, and get a bit more familiar with the campus.  It is highly recommended.  

    5.  The first day of school each year is a half day with only incoming 7th graders on campus.  This allows them to learn how to navigate to each classroom, experience lunch, and generally calm any nerves they might have.  8th grade starts the next school day.