• Safe School Ambassadors

    The Safe School Ambassadors program empowers leaders from diverse groups and cliques on campus and equips them with non-violent communication and intervention skills to prevent bullying and violence among their peers.  
    Why it's effective:
    Ambassador students are carefully identified and engage the influential students who shape the schools' norms. 
    Ambassador students acquire skills they can use in the moment, with friends, to defuse and de-escalate potentially hurtful incidents on campus.
    Key adults are trained to facilitate regular small-group meetings of student Ambassadors.  These meetings sharpen student's skills, sustain their commitment, and increase their reporting of dangerous activities like planned fights, weapons, or contra band on campus. As a result bullying is reduced, as well as violence and social mistreatment.  Overall, this program improves grades and attendance.  Most importantly, Safe School Ambassadors program fosters a school climate of safety, respect, and emotional support.