• FOR Club

    Vineyard Junior High School’s FOR Club mission is to amplify Rachel Scott’s message of tolerance and respect. FOR Club members are instrumental in leading student projects that promote kindness and compassion in our school!

    VJH FOR Club Advisors: Mrs. Holt, Mr. Dzama

    Rachel's Challenge


  • The FOR Club's first Campaign of the year, Start with Hello, focuses on "creating a closer, more connected and inclusive community within our school."

    Start with Hello



  • The FOR Club's second campaign of the year, World Day of Bullying Prevention! Go Blue!

    Wear blue on October 5th!


    Go Blue


  •  The FOR Club's third campaign of the year, National Know Your Classmates Week, is a "national awareness day designed to create and nurture healthy and open relationships between classmates."

    Know Your Classmates


    Know Your Classmates


  • The FOR Club's fourth campaign of the year, The Great Kindness Challenge, is one week where we want our students to promote a culture of kindness!

    Great Kindness Challenge Week


  • The FOR Club's fifth campaign of the year, No One Eats Alone, is a Positive Prevention Initiative for middle school children. It teaches children how to be activists that work to combat social isolation. National No One Eats Alone Day is a lunchtime special event that takes place at school. Students engage in simple acts of inclusion during lunch – in other words, taking the first step towards making sure that no one is eating alone.


    No One Eats Alone


  • The FOR Club's sixth campaign of the year, Be Kind Online, is a Positive Prevention Initiative for middle school children. Be Kind Online supports students as they learn to be authentic and compassionate online. Students will be challenged to think about whether their online behaviors match their real-life personalities.

    Be Kind Online


  • The FOR Club's seventh campaign of the year, Day Without Hate, is a student led, grassroots organization that promotes nonviolence, unity, and respect in schools. Wear white to show a commitment and trust in each other to make their school a safer place.Day Without Hate