• School Safety  

    Vineyard implements the national Safe School Ambassadors® program - an inside-out approach that is the "nation's most effective bystander education program harnessing the power of students to prevent and stop bullying and violence." Nearly 100 students each year serve as ambassadors, redirecting student behavior and helping to defuse conflicts. Students receive training in communication and intervention skills so they can speak up and take effective actions when they see their friends mistreated.

    At Vineyard, we feel the Clean Sweep program is a proactive approach in making our campus an even safer place to work and learn. Some of the elements of the Clean Sweep Program are juvenile citation, security assessment, and safety programs. 

    Under the Clean Sweep program, students may be cited for such incidents as fighting, littering, loitering, possessing graffiti tools, affixing graffiti, possessing and/or consuming alcohol/drugs, petty theft, keeping lost property, gaming, challenging a fight, etc. The juvenile traffic court handles the citations and imposes community service, fines, and other stipulations such as grade reporting. However, unlike other citations, under the Clean Sweep Program, the citations do not leave a permanent mark on a student’s record. 

    Clean Sweep also offers a security assessment of our campus, where deputies evaluate the campus for security improvements from a law enforcement viewpoint. Clean Sweep will also tailor safety programs such as Crisis Response Training, Drug Use Recognition and others to Vineyard’s specific needs. 

    We anticipate that by joining over 111 other campuses in San Bernardino County in saying, “We are a Clean Sweep Campus,” we will promote good decision making skills while our students are on campus. It is great to see that under this program, students may be made accountable for maintaining good grades, as well as good behavior. Since the Clean Sweep is well underway at Los Osos High School, our enrolled students will experience a more positive transitioning experience as Freshmen when they promote. 

     If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office. 

    Vineyard has also used Rachel's Challenge - a program creating safer learning environments and making a world-wide impact.  Students assemblies are held each year challenging them to make a difference by being kind to others. A Friends of Rachel Club (FOR) is currently meeting monthly to discuss impacting Vineyard and the surrounding community.