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    The Alta Loma School District is committed to providing students with teaching and learning opportunitites that focus on much more than simply integrating  technology.  In order to meet the challenges of college, career, and citizenship in a Global Economy, students are being asked to think critically, ask questions, work well together, and communicate effectively. Strategies include creative and innovative approaches to learning through all of the content areas. To learn more about 21st Century learning, peruse the following.

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    Traditional classroom

    The 21st Century classroom

    Desks in rows

    Desks in groups for collaboration

    Teacher as “lecturer”

    Teacher as a facilitator for learning

    Students soak up information

    Students own and create their thinking

    Teacher as the disseminator of knowledge and answers

    Students create their own questions and answers

    Chalk boards, Overhead projectors

    Interactive with computers, response clickers, Mobi pads, iPad, iPods

    Handouts and Worksheets

    Online documents, Wiki’s, Videos, Google Docs, Interaction among classmates


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