• Board of Trustees


    We invite members of our school community to participate in the process of educating our District's students. School Board meetings are held 1-2 times each month at the District Support Center and are open to the public. Current events, educational programs, budget, policies, and operating procedures for the District are addressed at Board meetings. 

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    Board Members

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     E. Chung       J. Martinez        R. Davies       Brad Buller          Clerk                                     Vice President                       President                             Member                                 Member

    Eric Chung                                Jessica Martinez                   Rebecca Davies                    Brad Buller                              Dr. Malinda L. Hurley

    echung@alsd.org              jessicamartinez@alsd.org    rdavies@alsd.org            bbuller@alsd.org                  dr.mhurley@alsd.org