District Support Center Directory


    Dr. Sherry Smith                                                    
    Eric Hart    Administrative Services                                       
    Dr. Christina Pierce ext. 102013  Educational Services                                                 
    Donna Carlson ext.102075 Human Resources
    Rick Brindle ext. 102019 Information Technology
    Cara Cerecerez ext. 102040  Student Services
    Kristy Johnson ext. 102025 Educational Programs
    Ryan Peterson ext. 102061 Fiscal Services
    Lisabeth Piña  ext. 102020 Special Education
    Brian Salsgiver  ext. 102084 Director Maintenance, Operations, & Transportation
    Heather Sloan  ext. 102080 Child Nutrition
    Margaux Cruz ext. 102018 TOSA
    Marla Lowry ext. 102060 EXPLORE
    Lynn McKendall ext. 102091 Transportation Supervisor
    Erin McKindley ext. 102096 Facilities Supervisor
    Brianna Thomas ext. 102074 Child Nutrition
    Cindy Alaniz ext. 102031 Human Resources Secretary
    Patricia Alcantara ext. 102185 Facilities
    Stephanie Aldrete ext. 102022 Clerk Typist Special Education
    Shannon Burley ext. 102059 EXPLORE
    Jennifer Burton ext. 102062 Confidential Administrative Secretary, Administrative Services
    Luz Castaneda ext. 102076 Senior Account Clerk - Child Nutrition
    Darin Chapman   Mechanic
    Patricia Chavez Urias ext. 102032 Credential Technician
    Tracy Cockrell ext. 102075 Administrative Secretary, Human Resources
    Tammy Cohen ext. 102020  Administrative Secretary, Special Education
    Kristen Copper ext. 102066 Senior Account Clerk
    Shirlee Curatolo ext. 102013 Administrative Secretary, Educational Services
    Sara Hagin ext. 102040 Senior Secretary
    Ryan Hardman ext. 102042 Warehouse
    Belinda Holdridge-Hays ext. 102025 Senior Secretary
    Alyssa Lasswell 909-484-5151 Receptionist
    Ho Lee   Network Specialist
    Audrey Lewis ext. 102073 Accounts Payable Technician
    Tiffany Luna ext. 102043 Purchasing Clerk
    Tracy Luster ext. 102067 Fiscal Services Technician
    Courtney Meyer ext. 102070 Human Resources Technician
    Adriana Mohler ext. 102003  Executive Assistant to the Superintendent & Board of Trustees
    Cory Nottingham   Maintenance
    Mike O'Brien   Maintenance
    Noelle O'Brien ext. 102065 Payroll Technician - Certificated
    Patricia Oleas ext. 102034 TOSA
    David Ortiz   Maintenance
    Nancy Petriello ext. 102084 Administrative, Maintenance & Operations
    Felicia Pounds   Computer Technician
    Steven Rachford   Computer Technician
    Lori Rios ext. 102023 Database Technician
    Amber Rueckner ext. 102026 Program Specialist
    Rishi Sahabdool   Warehouse & Delivery
    Katy Santos ext. 102062 Child Nutrition Account Clerk
    Richard Solano ext. 327208 Lead Clinical Counselor
    Russell Smith   Maintenance 
    Laura Snyder ext. 102018 TOSA
    Marielena Velasco (909) 484-5151 Receptionist
    Sheryl Velasco ext. 102071 Payroll Technician - Classified
    Tamara Youngstrom ext. 102017 Language Arts TOSA