Under a new water sampling and testing program initiated by the California State Water Resources Control Board the Alta Loma School District voluntarily asked to have its water sampled and tested. It was the first school district in San Bernardino County to undergo the testing process.

    Sampling was conducted by the Cucamonga Valley Water District at all 10 ALSD schools between April 18-20, and again at two of the schools on May 9.

    Sampling locations included drinking fountains, cafeterias and staff lounges.

    The sampling process included two measurements. The first was taken early in the morning after water had been sitting still overnight. The second came thirty seconds after the water fixtures had been used.

    In student areas there were non-detectable readings at every drinking water location tested in the District.   Samples in kitchen areas at two schools registered a minimal detection of lead which was below the allowable lead level of 15 parts per billion (ppb). One kitchen sink showed levels of 17ppb, 2ppb over the threshold.

    All three locations with measureable levels were in sink areas not used by children. Those were in a kitchen sink and the staff lounge at Carnelian Elementary School, and a staff lounge at Jasper Elementary.

    All three detectable readings were taken on the first use of the fixture each day. In all three instances, the second reading, taken 30 seconds later, resulted in a non-detectable reading.

    Even though the measurements fall well below allowable levels, the Alta Loma School District is taking appropriate steps so there are no detectable lead readings at all locations at all schools in the District.