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Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Jackson

This year will be my 32nd year teaching in the Alta Loma School District. I have been teaching Language Arts here at Vineyard Junior High since it opened in 1990. Before that, I taught Language Arts/Social Studies at Alta Loma Junior High. I received my B.A. in English from Scripps College in Claremont and my M.A. in Education from the Claremont Graduate School. I am married and have three daughters (Mackenzie- 27, Lindsey-23, Sydney- 19) who keep me busy when I am not at school. In my free time I love to garden, read (of course), hike with our dog Winnie, and cook. On weekends, I love spending time with my girls and getting up to my cabin in Big Bear as often as I can.


Classroom Wish List:

*Tissues (no lotion)

*Antibacterial wipes

*Antibacterial Gel (lg. pump bottles)

*Donations for the Treasure Box: school supplies, seasonal itmes, treats (NO NUTS), items for the dollar spot at Target, etc.








    5/11-5/20: Poetry Analysis in Google Classroom- Complete Part II of two week poetry analysis of the poem "Hope Is The Thing With Feathers" by Emily Dickinson. Submit only when all slides are complete. Be sure to give detail in your responses- show me that you are truly thinking about the poem and what you think it means. Also complete year end reflection slide in classroom.

    5/4-5/8: Poetry Analysis in Google Classroom- Complete Part I of two week poetry analysis of the poem "Hope Is The Thing With Feathers" by Emily Dickinson. Submit only when all slides are complete. Be sure to give detail in your responses- show me you are really thinking about the poem and what you think it means .

    Google Meet read aloud of Freak The Mighty continues Tues. & Thurs. at 12:00

    4/27-5/1: STUDY SYNC: Study Sync work for the week has been posted. Be sure to read directions for the Focus Questions (attached to the Close Read) then answer carefully.  You will be highlighting text to answer these. Also complete the skills review in QUIZZIZ (link will be in Classroom) and finish your April book and One Pager (in Google Classroom) by FRIDAY!

    Google Meet check in and read aloud of Freak the Mighty on Tuesday and Thursday from 12:00-12:30 both days. 

    4/20-4/24: STUDY SYNC: Assignments for this week will be through StudySync. Be sure to submit when completed. Continue to read your April book and begin working on your One Pager which is to be submitted by 5/1! Complete skill review through QUIZZIZ (link is in Google Classroom as is One Pager). Google Meet office hours Wednesday 12:00-12:30

    4/13-4/17: STUDY SYNC: Assignments for this week will be through Study Sync. Be sure to submit when completed.  Continue to read your April fiction novel and work on One Pager (in Google Classroom)

    4/6-4/10: STUDY SYNC: Assignments for this week will be through Study Sync. Be sure to submit when completed.

    April Literary Analysis will be assigned in Goggle Classroom- Google Doc One Pager for your April fiction book.  Complete in Goggle Docs and attach in Classroom when ready to turn it in. Due on May 1st.

    Get a book for April- either a realistic/contemporary fiction OR a free choice fiction book that you have not already read this year. Guidelines for the April Literary Analysis will be posted next week and will be due by May 1st.

    3/29-4/3: March Literary Analysis posted in Goggle Classroom. Completed document should be turned in through classroom.  Make sure to use significant textual evidence from your March nonfiction book (cite text properly!) and EXPLAIN HOW your text connect to last month's book (your fiction pair). Be specific and detailed. 

    3/16-4/6: All work will be posted through Google Classroom and/or on StudySync

    3/11-3/13: In class text comparison HW: Keep reading your March book

    3-10-20: Complete 20 Q&A's for "Twelfth Night" (NO T/F or Y/N questions). Staple notes to Q&As. Quiz on story tomorrow!

    3-9-20: Read your March book and get permission slip signed

    3-6-20: Complete Personal Coat of Arms- words and pictures in each ares. All items in pen and color! 

                 Get permission slip signed for "Twelfth Night" version comparison movie

    3-5-20: SHAKESPEARE: Complete questions with textual evidence answers for "Shakespeare: His Life and Times"  MARCH BOOK CHECK TOMORROW!

    3-4-20: SHAKESPEARE: Complete questions with textual evidence answers for "All the World's A Stage"

    3-3-20: March Book check FRIDAY! (nonfiction pair for February fiction book)

    3-2-20: Wat ercolor painting in class- bring glue stick tomorrow

    2-28-20: Final Draft Haiku (2) in pen on paper provided. Feb. Book Poster due MONDAY!

                   Bring watercolor paints and glue sticks MONDAY!

    2/25-2/27: CAASPP TEST PRACTICE: BRIEF WRITES HW: Feb. Book poster due 3/2

    Watercolor paints and glue stick due 3/2

    2-24-20:Per. 1&2: CAASPP Listening Practice

                  Per. 4,5,&6: Google Slide Presentations

    HW: February Book Poster due Mon. 3/2

    2-21-20: Read your February book and work on your book poster (due 3/2)

                  Per. 3,4,5: Performance Task Presentations Monday

    2/18-2/20: Unit 3 Performance Task: Multimedia Presentation (in groups)

                   Per. 1 & 2: Presentations Friday

                   Per. 4, 5,& 6: Presentations Monday

     2-17-20: NO SCHOOL

    2-14-20:STUDY SYNC: Complete QUIZ for "Long Walk to Freedom"

    2-13-20:STUDY SYNC:Complete WRITE for "The Peole Could Fly"

    2-12-20:STUDY SYNC: Complete QUIZ for "The People Could Fly"

    2-11-20: STUDY SYNC: Complete QUIZ for "Harriet Tubman"

    2-10-20: NO SCHOOL

    2-7-20:STUDY SYNC: Complete "WRITE" for "About Cesar"

    2-6-20: STUDY SYNC: Complete QUIZ for "About Cesar"

    2-5-20: STUDY SYNC: Complete "WRITE" for "Flesh and Blood So Cheap". Be sure to submit when finished.

    2-4-20: STUDY SYNC: Complete "QUIZ" for "Flesh and Blood So Cheap". Be sure to submit when finished.

    2-3-20: Nothing But The Truth: Completed One Pager (in pen and color) due tomorrow! February Book Check (fiction with nonfiction pair) on FRIDAY!

    1-31-20:Extra Credit Literary Analysis due MONDAY! 

    1-30-20:Nothing But The Truth:  One Pager Project Work Period. Completed One Pager due Tuesday, 2/4

    1-29-20:Nothing But The Truth: Complete Final Exam Essay if necessary- prompt posted in goggle Classroom. 

    1-28-20: Nothing But The Truth: Completed packet due tomorrow! Exam tomorrow! 

    1-27-20: No School- Inservice Day

    1-24-20:Nothing But The Truth: Read ch. 17-19 and complete pg. 14 of packet PLUS character charts on pages 4&5. Packet due WEDNESDAY, 1/29. Final exam WEDNESDAY!

    1-23-20:Nothing But The Truth: Read ch. 16 and complete pg. 13 of packet

    1-22-20:Nothing But The Truth: Read ch. 15 and complete pg. 12 of packet

    1-21-20:Nothing But The Truth:  Read ch. 13-14 and complete pg. 11 of packet

    1-20-20: No School- MLK Day 

    1-17-20:Nothing But The Truth: Read ch. 12 and complete pg. 10 of packet

    1-16-20:Nothing But The Truth: Read ch. 10-11 and complete pg. 9 of packet

    1-15-20:Nothing But The Truth: Read ch. 7-9 and complete pg. 8 of packet.

    1-14-20: Nothing But The Truth:  Read ch. 4-6 and complete pg. 7 of packet

    1-13-20: Nothing But The Truth: Read ch. 1-3 pg. 3-17 AND complete Packet pg. 6

    1-10-20: Get and read your Science Fiction book for January EXTRA CREDIT literary analysis

    1-9-20: STAR Reading Test in class HW: Read your January book (science fiction) if you are going to complete the EXTRA CREDIT Literary Analysis for this month. 

    1-8-20: Complete Final Draft (4 paragraph) Scrooge Character Essay in pen or typed (color coded). Both the final draft AND the outline packet are due tomorrow! 

    1-7-20: Complete the Scrooge Essay Outline packet (color coded). We will work on the final draft in class tomorrow! Bring writing pens- red, blue, black, and green.

    1-6-20: Complete your December Literary Analysis- due TOMORROW! Do not forget parent signature!

    Enjoy your time off! December Literary Analysis (book w/ movie version) due TUESDAY, 1/7!

    12/12-12/19: In Class: Read "A Christmas Carol" HW:Read your December book and/or work on your December Literary Analysis- DUE TUESDAY, 1/7!

    12-11-19: "A Christmas Carol" Reading Warm Ups A&B. Be sure to complete BOTH parts of each questions!

    12-10-19: Make a Wish Letter- 1 page min. and be sure to follow correct letter form (5 parts in your language arts notebook). Prompt choices are in Google Classroom.

    12-9-19: SYUDY SYNC: Complete WRITE assignment for "The Gift of the Magi". Be sure to submit when finished.

    12-6-19: Late credit December book check on Monday.  December Literary Analysis (book/movie comparison) due Tuesday, January 7th.

    12-5-19: STUDY SYNC: Complete COMP questions for "Nothing to Envy"

    12-4-19: STUDY SYNC: Complete and submit WRITE activity for "The Lottery"

    12-3-19: STUDY SYNC: Complete COMP for "The Lottery"

    12-2-19: STUDY SYNC: Complete COMP questions (QUIZ) for "The Hunger Games". Be sure to double check answers before submitting. DECMEBER book check (book with movie version) on Thursday! Be sure you have access to the movie.

    11-22-19: EXTRA CREDIT literary analysis due Monday, 12/2! No loate projects will be accepted! 

    11-21-19: Complete character bubble map in necessary (due tomorrow) and Akeelah character essay 3 page OUTLINE- color coded! We will write final 3 paragraph essay in class tomorrow!

    11/18-11/20: In class- Akeelah character trait bubble map HW: Read your November book if you're planning to complete the EXTRA CREDIT literary analysis- DUE 12/2!!

    11-15-19: "What It Takes To Be Great"- complete summary outline AND final draft summary paragraph TYPED or in PEN. (6 sentence paragraph)

    11-14-19: "What It Take To Be Great"- complete Critical Thinking Questions- be sure to A.C.E. them! (Answer, Cite, Explain)

    11-13-19: Finish reading "What It Takes To Be Great" article and highlight key idea.

    11-12-19: In class prereading discussion- Extra Credit November Literary Analysis due Monday, 12/2! NO LATE PROJECTS ACCEPTED!

    11-11-19: No School- Veteran's Day

    11-8-19: Complete Final Draft paragraph- color coded!

    11-7-19: November Book (historical fiction) check tomorrow! 

    11-6-19: Complete "Essential Questions" from our discussion today. These can be found in your  Goggle Classroom if necessary! 

    11/4-11/5: Literary Analysis for your October book  HW: Get November book by Friday 11/8!

    11-1-19:NO SCHOOL- Bring October book and notes Monday for Literary Analysis in class

    10-31-19: Halloween Narratives (at least 1 pg. ). Prompts are in Goggle Classroom if needed! 

    10-30-19: Finish Unit 8 review worksheet. Study Greek/Latin roots in LA notebook for test tomorrow! Extra credit bathroom passes due tomorrow! 

    10-29-19: Unit 8 Vocab pg. 55 #1-20 PLUS Word Sort on the back (use all 20 basic words). Be sure to study Greek and Latin Word Parts (in LA Notebook) for the test on Thursday!

     10-28-19: Read your October Book. EXTRA CREDIT BATHROOM PASSES DUE THURSDAY, 10/31! 1st Trimester ends this week! 

    10-25-19: October Literary Analysis in class 11/4!

    10/22-10/24: BENCHMARK TEST: Performance Task online HW: Read your October book

    10-21-19: Read your October Book! Literary Analysis in class 11/4!

    10/16-10/18: Work Period :Story Circle project for "The Monsters Are Due". Completed project due Mon. 10/21! 9 events- 1 sentence for each event, 1 piece of textual evidence for each event, 1 colored illustration for each event.  ALL writing in pen or typed! Guidelibnes in Google Classroom. Tree Map will also be collected Monday! 

    10-15-19: Complete Story Map (Tree Map) for Act I and II of "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street"

    10-14-19: Read your October book

    10-11-19: Read your October book

    10-10-19: Read your October book- we are 1/3 of the way through the month...are you 1/3 of the way through your book?! Remember to take notes on setting, theme, and fantasy elements!

    10/7-10/9:: Unit 1 Group Project in class- Presentation due THURSDAY!

    10-4-19: STUDY SYNC: Complete COMP questions for "The Call of the Wild"- double check before submitting!

    10-3-19: STUDY SYNC: Complete THINK questions for "The Call of the Wild"- A.C.E. them and submit when complete. BOOK CHECK TOMORROW FOR OCTOBER BOOK! 

    10/1-10/2: In Class Literary Analysis   HW: Get your October book (fantasy) byFRIDAY!!

    9-30-19:Complete AND submit COMP questions for "Call of the Klondike". Bring completed September book and notes for Literary Analysis in class tomorrow! 

    9-27-19: Finish reading your September book- bring notes and completed book for Literary Analysis in class 10/1!

    9-26-19: Study G.O.G.O. for Unit 5 Vocab test tomorrow.

    9-25-19: Complete worksheet for Unit 5- Homophones. Study your G.O.G.O for review game tomorrow!

    9-24-19: Unit 5 Vocab: Homophones- complete pg. 37 #1-20 and pg. 38 #1-24 BOOK FAIR AT BEGINNING OF CLASS TOMORROW!

    9-23-19: Unit 5 Vocab:Homophones- complete "Give One,Get One" definitions

    9-20-19: In class: Malala Nobel Acceptance Speech HW: Read your September Book

    9-19-19: In class: Final draft paragrpah HW: Read your September book

    9-18-19:Complete paragraph outline for "Malala the Powerful". 

    9-17-19:Read your September book- Literary Analysis in class 10/1-10/2

    9-16-19: STUDY SYNC: Complete and submit COMP questions for "The Other Side of the Sky". Submit them on the "SYNC TV" link. 

    9-12-19:STUDY SYNC: Complete COMP questions for "Barrio Boy"- SUBMIT them after you review them.  September book and notes check tomorrow! Story Element retake QUIZ tomorrow!

    9-11-19:STUDY SYNCComplete THINK questions (A.C.E. them!) for "Barrio Boy" Be sure to submit when finished!

    9-10-19:STUDY SYNC: Complete COMP questions for "Rikki-tikki-tavi". Be sure to double check answers before you submit them. (Submit button is after #3 of THINK questions.)

    9-9-19: STUDY SYNC: Complete THINK questions #1-3 for "Rikki-tikki-tavi". Be sure to A.C.E. them!!

    9-6-19: Read your September book and take notes

    9-5-19: Complete Rikki-tikki-tavi Outline and 1st draft paragraph (color coded!)

    9-4-19:Complete Character Trait Textual Evidence sheet (1 trait, 2 pieces of evidence) for Rikki-tikki-tavi

    9-3-19: Complete Characterization Chart (with 4 pieces of textual evidence) for Rikki-tikki-tavi. Remember to cite text properely: (Aughtor's last name, pg. or paragraph #)

    9-2-19: No School- Labor Day

    8-30-19: Get your September Book- book check on Tuesday for points! Bring book daily!

    8-29-19: Get your September Book -due by Tuesday, 9/3!

    8-28-19: Study Sync log in proof from home computer- print welcome page or take pic of it! Be sure to log in through CLEVER

    8-27-19: Complete practice Story Map for "The Three Little Pigs" *Get September book by Tuesday, 9/3!!

    8-26-19: Love Letter to Yourself due tomorrow! Follow correct letter form (5 parts) and should be about 1 page handwritten.

    8-23-19: Great American Mail Race: Finish letters and bring on Monday! 

    8-22-19:  Out of class for Grandbaby! In class interviews- HW: Unit 3 Vocab Worksheet. Test tomorrow!

    8-21-19: Great American Mail Race: Finsl Draft letter (edited in class today)- typed or in pen! PLUS: three middle school addresses and 1 stamp.

    8-20-19: Great American Mail Race- First draft letter (5 paragraphs) following friendly letter form) PLUS Address practice sheet. Bring 1 stamp!

    8-19-19: Unit 3 Vocab (Number Prefixes)- Complete pg. 25 #1-20 AND write a paragraph using ANY 10 basic words in correct context and spelling correctly.

    8-16-19: Completed Book of the Month packet due MONDAY! BE sure to get it signed as well!

    8-15-19: Complete Unit 2 Vocab Worksheet- test on all 20 basic words tomorrow! Continue Book of the Month research. Packet due Monday! 

    8-14-19: Book of the Month Packet- begin research. Completed and signed packet due MONDAY, 8/19!

    8-13-19: In class: STAR Reading Test HW: Complete Goal Setting Sheet

    8-12-19: Unit 2 Vocabulary (Greek Word Parts)- Complete pg. 19 #1-20 and write a paragraph using any 1 set of word parts- graph words OR phone words OR auto words.

    8-10-19: Perform at least 1 Random Act of Kindness. We will discuss on Monday! 

    8-9-19: No Homework! :)

    8-8-19: Final draft Bio-Poem (rough draft written in class) in pen or typed with colored illustration due tomorrow! Class supplies due tomorrow! 

    8-7-19: Color AND cut out your SURVIVOR character. Please put your name and period on the back.

    8-6-19: Get Parent Signature on class letter. Class supplies due by THURS. 8/9!