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Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Jackson

This year will be my 32nd year teaching in the Alta Loma School District. I have been teaching Language Arts here at Vineyard Junior High since it opened in 1990. Before that, I taught Language Arts/Social Studies at Alta Loma Junior High. I received my B.A. in English from Scripps College in Claremont and my M.A. in Education from the Claremont Graduate School. I am married and have three daughters (Mackenzie- 27, Lindsey-23, Sydney- 19) who keep me busy when I am not at school. In my free time I love to garden, read (of course), hike with our dog Winnie, and cook. On weekends, I love spending time with my girls and getting up to my cabin in Big Bear as often as I can.


Classroom Wish List:

*Tissues (no lotion)

*Antibacterial wipes

*Antibacterial Gel (lg. pump bottles)

*Donations for the Treasure Box: school supplies, seasonal itmes, treats (NO NUTS), items for the dollar spot at Target, etc.








    10-21-19: Read your October Book! Literary Analysis in class 11/4!

    10/16-10/18: Work Period :Story Circle project for "The Monsters Are Due". Completed project due Mon. 10/21! 9 events- 1 sentence for each event, 1 piece of textual evidence for each event, 1 colored illustration for each event.  ALL writing in pen or typed! Guidelibnes in Google Classroom. Tree Map will also be collected Monday! 

    10-15-19: Complete Story Map (Tree Map) for Act I and II of "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street"

    10-14-19: Read your October book

    10-11-19: Read your October book

    10-10-19: Read your October book- we are 1/3 of the way through the month...are you 1/3 of the way through your book?! Remember to take notes on setting, theme, and fantasy elements!

    10/7-10/9:: Unit 1 Group Project in class- Presentation due THURSDAY!

    10-4-19: STUDY SYNC: Complete COMP questions for "The Call of the Wild"- double check before submitting!

    10-3-19: STUDY SYNC: Complete THINK questions for "The Call of the Wild"- A.C.E. them and submit when complete. BOOK CHECK TOMORROW FOR OCTOBER BOOK! 

    10/1-10/2: In Class Literary Analysis   HW: Get your October book (fantasy) byFRIDAY!!

    9-30-19:Complete AND submit COMP questions for "Call of the Klondike". Bring completed September book and notes for Literary Analysis in class tomorrow! 

    9-27-19: Finish reading your September book- bring notes and completed book for Literary Analysis in class 10/1!

    9-26-19: Study G.O.G.O. for Unit 5 Vocab test tomorrow.

    9-25-19: Complete worksheet for Unit 5- Homophones. Study your G.O.G.O for review game tomorrow!

    9-24-19: Unit 5 Vocab: Homophones- complete pg. 37 #1-20 and pg. 38 #1-24 BOOK FAIR AT BEGINNING OF CLASS TOMORROW!

    9-23-19: Unit 5 Vocab:Homophones- complete "Give One,Get One" definitions

    9-20-19: In class: Malala Nobel Acceptance Speech HW: Read your September Book

    9-19-19: In class: Final draft paragrpah HW: Read your September book

    9-18-19:Complete paragraph outline for "Malala the Powerful". 

    9-17-19:Read your September book- Literary Analysis in class 10/1-10/2

    9-16-19: STUDY SYNC: Complete and submit COMP questions for "The Other Side of the Sky". Submit them on the "SYNC TV" link. 

    9-12-19:STUDY SYNC: Complete COMP questions for "Barrio Boy"- SUBMIT them after you review them.  September book and notes check tomorrow! Story Element retake QUIZ tomorrow!

    9-11-19:STUDY SYNCComplete THINK questions (A.C.E. them!) for "Barrio Boy" Be sure to submit when finished!

    9-10-19:STUDY SYNC: Complete COMP questions for "Rikki-tikki-tavi". Be sure to double check answers before you submit them. (Submit button is after #3 of THINK questions.)

    9-9-19: STUDY SYNC: Complete THINK questions #1-3 for "Rikki-tikki-tavi". Be sure to A.C.E. them!!

    9-6-19: Read your September book and take notes

    9-5-19: Complete Rikki-tikki-tavi Outline and 1st draft paragraph (color coded!)

    9-4-19:Complete Character Trait Textual Evidence sheet (1 trait, 2 pieces of evidence) for Rikki-tikki-tavi

    9-3-19: Complete Characterization Chart (with 4 pieces of textual evidence) for Rikki-tikki-tavi. Remember to cite text properely: (Aughtor's last name, pg. or paragraph #)

    9-2-19: No School- Labor Day

    8-30-19: Get your September Book- book check on Tuesday for points! Bring book daily!

    8-29-19: Get your September Book -due by Tuesday, 9/3!

    8-28-19: Study Sync log in proof from home computer- print welcome page or take pic of it! Be sure to log in through CLEVER

    8-27-19: Complete practice Story Map for "The Three Little Pigs" *Get September book by Tuesday, 9/3!!

    8-26-19: Love Letter to Yourself due tomorrow! Follow correct letter form (5 parts) and should be about 1 page handwritten.

    8-23-19: Great American Mail Race: Finish letters and bring on Monday! 

    8-22-19:  Out of class for Grandbaby! In class interviews- HW: Unit 3 Vocab Worksheet. Test tomorrow!

    8-21-19: Great American Mail Race: Finsl Draft letter (edited in class today)- typed or in pen! PLUS: three middle school addresses and 1 stamp.

    8-20-19: Great American Mail Race- First draft letter (5 paragraphs) following friendly letter form) PLUS Address practice sheet. Bring 1 stamp!

    8-19-19: Unit 3 Vocab (Number Prefixes)- Complete pg. 25 #1-20 AND write a paragraph using ANY 10 basic words in correct context and spelling correctly.

    8-16-19: Completed Book of the Month packet due MONDAY! BE sure to get it signed as well!

    8-15-19: Complete Unit 2 Vocab Worksheet- test on all 20 basic words tomorrow! Continue Book of the Month research. Packet due Monday! 

    8-14-19: Book of the Month Packet- begin research. Completed and signed packet due MONDAY, 8/19!

    8-13-19: In class: STAR Reading Test HW: Complete Goal Setting Sheet

    8-12-19: Unit 2 Vocabulary (Greek Word Parts)- Complete pg. 19 #1-20 and write a paragraph using any 1 set of word parts- graph words OR phone words OR auto words.

    8-10-19: Perform at least 1 Random Act of Kindness. We will discuss on Monday! 

    8-9-19: No Homework! :)

    8-8-19: Final draft Bio-Poem (rough draft written in class) in pen or typed with colored illustration due tomorrow! Class supplies due tomorrow! 

    8-7-19: Color AND cut out your SURVIVOR character. Please put your name and period on the back.

    8-6-19: Get Parent Signature on class letter. Class supplies due by THURS. 8/9!