Mrs. Jackson



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Jackson

This year will be my 31st year teaching in the Alta Loma School District. I have been teaching Language Arts here at Vineyard Junior High since it opened in 1990. Before that, I taught Language Arts/Social Studies at Alta Loma Junior High. I received my B.A. in English from Scripps College in Claremont and my M.A. in Education from the Claremont Graduate School. I am married and have three daughters (Mackenzie- 26, Lindsey-23, Sydney- 19) who keep me busy when I am not at school. In my free time I love to garden, read (of course), hike with our dog Winnie, and cook. On weekends, I love spending time with my girls and getting up to my cabin in Big Bear as often as I can.


Classroom Wish List:

*Tissues (no lotion)

*Antibacterial wipes

*Antibacterial Gel (lg. pump bottles)

*Donations for the Treasure Box: school supplies, seasonal itmes, treats (NO NUTS), items for the dollar spot at Target, etc.








    5/20-5/22: No HW! Have a safe summer! Keep reading ! :)

    5-17-19: Extra Credit bathroom passes due MONDAY!

    5-16-19: Alphabet story due Friday!

    5-15-19: Creative writing: Alphabet Story- 26 sentences- due Friday!

    5-14-19: Collect Poetry Project! HW: Letter to 7th graders- 1 page typed (or in pen). Follow letter form!

    5-13-19: Poetry Project: Final draft "I am..." Poem (with simile or metaphor) with colored illustration.  Completed Poetry Project due TUES. 5/14. All poems in pen or typed with colored illustrations!!

    5-10-19: Poetry Project: Final Draft Color Poem- 20 lines min, in stanzas with colored illustration

    5-9-19: Poetry Project: Final draft Cinquain poems (2) in pen or typed with colored illustrations due tomorrow!

    5-8-19: Poetry Project: Final draft Acrostic Poems (Name and Summer) both in pen or typed with colored illustrations due tomorrow!

    5-7-19: Poetry Project:  Final draft Alliteration cover (4 words) AND Alliteration poem (6 lines) in pen or typed with colored illustrations due TOMORROW! 

    5-6-19: In class Digital Citizenship lesson NO HW!

    5-3-19: All Periods: Complete Poetry Vocabulary definitions- due Monday!

    5-2-19: Per. 1,2,3: The Whipping BoyFinish One Pager- due tomorrow in pen and color!

                 Per. 4&5: Catherine Called BirdyFinish September (last chapter) and complete Summary activity. Lit Circle Packet due tomorrow! Final Exam Tomorrow! 

    5-1-19: Per. 1,2,3: The Whipping BoyOne Pager work period. Completed One Pager due Fri. 5/3!

                 Per. 4&5: Catherine Called BirdyRead August and complete August Activity

    4-30-19: Per. 1,2,3: No Class- Block Schedule

                   Per. 4&5: Catherine Called BirdyComplete Postcard Summary (end of Feb.-June) from Catherine to Aelis AND read July and complete July activity.


    4-29-19:Per. 1,2,3: In class text comparison HW: Work on your extra credit book report- due 5/2!

                   Per. 4&5: No class- block schedule

    4-26-19: Per. 1,2,3: The Whipping Boy: Final exam in class  HW: Work on your Extra Credit Book Report- due 5/2!

                   Per. 4&5: Catherine Called BirdyFinish "June" activity. Extra Credit Book Report due 5/2!

    4-25-19: Per. 1,2,3: The Whipping BoyFinish reading ch. 18-20 and complete final log entries.  All logs and character chart due tomorrow. EXAM TOMORROW!

                   Per. 4&5: Catherine Called BirdyFinish " May" activity

    4-24-19: Per. 1,2,3: The Whipping BoyIn Class- Character Report Card HW: Update all logs and Character Chart

                   Per. 4&5: Catherine Called BirdyFinish "April" and complete Lit Circle Activity

    4-23-19: Per. 1,2,3: No Class- block schedule

                   Per. 4&5: Catherine Called Birdy: Finish "February" and "March" Lit Circle activities

    4-22-19: Per. 1,2,3: The Whipping BoyComplete Summary and Text for ch. 13-15 AND ch. 16-17. Text online if necessary.

                   Per. 4&5: No class- block schedule

    4-19-19: Per. 1&3: The Whipping Boy: Complete Postcard Summary (in pen or typed) with colored illustration (Per. 2- No HW due to assembly)

                   Per. 4&5: Catherine Called BirdyFinish "January": and complete January Activity

    4-18-19: Per. 1,2,3: The Whipping BoyComplete Log Entries for ch. 9-12

                   Per. 4&5: Catherine Called BirdyFinish "December" and complete "December" activity


    4-17-19: Per. 1,2,3: The Whipping BoyComplete Log Entries (summary and text) for ch. 7-8

                     Per. 4&5: Catherine Called Birdy: Finish "November" and complete November Activity


    4-16-19:Per. 1,2,3: The Whipping BoyComplete Log Entries (summary and textual evidence) for ch. 1-6.         

                  Per. 4&5: Catherine Called Birdy: Finish "October" and complete October Activity.


    4-15-19: Per. 1,2,3: The Whipping BoyComplete Vocabulary definitions

                    Per. 4&5: Catherine Called BirdyRead first chapter ("September") and complete September Lit Circle Activity. Bring books and packets DAILY!!




    4/8-4/12: STATE TESTING (Performance Task) No Homework!

    4/2-4/5: STATE TESTING No Homework!

    4-1-19: Finish March Book Report (nonfiction) STATE TESTING STARTS TOMORROW!

    3-22-19: Finish reading your March book- Book Report IN CLASS Monday, 4/1! Be sure to bring notes and book!!

     3-21-19: Write 20 Q&A's for the plot and characters of "A Midsummer Night's Dream". NO T/F or Y/N!! Quiz tomorrow on story

    3-20-19: Read your March book

    3-19-19: Read your March book- Book Report in class 4/1!

    3-18-19: Final draft Compare and Contrast paragraph- "Twelfth Night" vs. "She's the Man".  

    3/14-3/15: In class text comparison: "Twelfth Night" vs. "She's the Man" HW: Read your March nonfiction book!

    3-13-19: Read your March nonfiction book

    3-12-19: Shakespeare: Twelfth Night-Finish reading together in class. HW: Write 20 Q&A's on plot and characters. NO T/F or Y/N!! Quiz on story tomorrow.

    3-11-19: Shakespeare: Twelfth Night- Read together in class HW: Read your March nonfiction book

    3-8-19: Shakespeare background quiz Monday- be sure to study handout questions. Get permission slip signed for movie next week! 

    3-7-19: Complete questions for handout "Shakespeare: His Life and Times". Use textual evidence for answers. March book check (nonfiction) tomorrow!

    3-6-19: Complete questions for handout "All the World's A Stage". Use textual evidence for answers.

    3-5-19: Complete Personal Coat of Arms- in PEN and COLOR! Pictures and words in each box! Neatness counts!

    3-4-19: Get your March nonfiction book- same topic as February book. Book check Friday, 3/8

    3-1-19: February Book Poster due MONDAY 3/4!

    2-28-19: HAIKU: Final draft Haiku (2) in pen on final draft paper provided! Bring watercolor paints TOMORROW! 

    2-25-2/27: BENCHMARK TEST in class HW: Finish February book and work on Book Report Poster (due Mon. 3/4!)

    2/19-2/22: Unit 3 Performance Task: Group Google Slide Projects

    2-18-19: NO SCHOOL- President's Day

    2-15-19: NO SCHOOL- Lincoln's Birthday

    2-14-19: STUDY SYNC:  Complete COMP for "Long Walk to Freedom". Review before submitting!

    2-13-19: STUDY SYNC:Complete "Harriet Tubman" Close Read "WRITE" assignment.  Follow our paragraph outline (9 sentences).

    2-12-19:STUDY SYNC: "The People Can Fly"- Complete COMP and THINK (A.C.E. them!)

    2-11-19: STUDY SYNC: "Harriet Tubman"- Complete COMP questions. Double check before submitting- this is a test! 

    2-8-19: STUDY SYNC: "About Cesar"- Complete WRITE  assignment

    2-7-19: STUDY SYNC: "About Cesar"- Complete COMP and THINK questions (A.C.E. them)

    2-6-19: STUDY SYNC: Complete Worker's Rights Paragraph outline and Final Draft (in pen or typed!).

    2-5-19: STUDY SYNC: Complete THINK questions for "Flesh and Blood So Cheap" Be sure to A.C.E. them and submit when completed

    2-4-19: STUDY SYNC: Complete COMP questions for "Flesh and Blood So Cheap". Be sure to submit them under "Sync TV"

    1/30-2/1: Nothing But the Truth 1Pager Project. Completed project due Monday, 2/4!

    1-29-19: Nothing But the Truth: In class: collect packets and complete Final Exam w/ essay NO HW!

    1-28-19: No School- Inservice Day 


                                 NO LATE PEPORTS WILL BE ACCEPTED!

    1-25-19: Nothing but the Truth: Finish reading ch. 17-19 (end of book) and complete pg. 14 in packet (summary and response in different paragraphs). Also complete pg. 4&5 (character info). Completed packet due Tuesday before the final exam!

    1-24-19: Nothing But the Truth: Finish reading ch. 16 and complete pg. 13 of packet.

    1-23-19: Nothing But the Truth:  Finish reading ch. 15 and complete pg. 12 of packet.

    1-22-19: Nothing But the Truth: Finish reading ch. 13-14 and complete pg. 11 of packet. Conflict chart will be collected tomorrow!

    1-21-19: NO SCHOOL- MLK Jr Day

    1-18-19: Nothing But the TruthFinish reading ch.12 and complete pg. 10 of packet. Be sure to use word-for-word text and cite it properly! Complete conflict chart as well.

    1-17-19: Nothing But the TruthFinish read ch. 10-11 and complete pg. 9 of packet. Update character and conflict charts

    1-16-19: Nothing But the Truth: Finish reading ch. 7-9 and complete pg. 8 of packet. Update character and conflict charts.

    1-15-19: Nothing But the Truth: Finish reading ch. 4-6 and complete pg. 7 of packet. Update character charts.

    1-14-19: Nothing But the TruthFinish reading ch. 1-3 and complete pg. 6 of packet. Bring book and packet DAILY for credit!!

    1-11-19: No Homework. January book report will be Extra Credit! 

    1-10-19: STUDY SYNC: Complete THINK questions for "Reality TV and Society". Be sure to A.C.E. them!

    1-9-19: Finish final Draft Response to Lit Essay (4 paragraphs).  Typed or in pen! 

    1-8-19: Complete outline packet for Scrooge Response to Literature essay

    1-7-19: December Book Report due TOMORROW! DO NOT forget parent signature! 

    12/17-12/20:  In Class: "A Christmas Carol" HW: Read your December book!

    12-14-18: Read your December Book. Book Report due Tuesday, January 8th! 

    12-13-18: Read your December Book

    12-12-18:Complete Reading Warm Ups A and B for "A Christmas Carol"

    12-11-18: Final Draft "Make a Wish" letter. 1 page and follow letter form!

    12-10-18: STUDY SYNC: Complete WRITE activity for "The Gift of the Magi".

    12-7-18: STUDY SYNC: Complete WRITE activity for "FEED". Be sure to proofread before you submit assignment! 

    12-6-18: December (book with movie) Book Check tomorrow!! 

    12-5-18: STUDY SYNC: Complete COMP questions for "Nothing to Envy". Double check answers before submitting them! 

    12-4-18: STUDY SYNC: Complete COMP and THINK questions for "The Wise Old Woman". Be sure to submit when finished! 

    12-3-18: Get your December book! December Book Check (book with movie version) on FRIDAY!

    11-30-18: Extra Credit November Book Report (Historical Fiction) due MONDAY- will NOT be accepted late!  Get December book- book with movie version.

    11-29-18: STUDY SYNC: Complete COMP and THINK questions for "The Lottery". Submit when finished with BOTH!

    11-28-18: STUDY SYNC: Complete COMP questions (this is a test!) for "The Hunger Games". Be sure to submit when finished...take your time!! Be sure to log in through CLEVER!

    11-27-18: Final Draft 3 paragraph Response to Literature Essay (w/ outline packet) due tomorrow! Typed or in pen! 

    11-26-18: Complete outline (3 pages) for Akeelah Character Analysis essay

    11/13-11/16: In Class: "Akeelah and the Bee" w/ character trait chart HW: Read your November Book

    11-12-18: No School- Veteran's Day

    11-9-18: "What It Takes to Be Great" Summary Final Draft (TYPED!) with outline packet due Tuesday!

    11-8-18: "What It Takes to Be Great"- Complete Critical Thinking Questions- A.C.E. all of them! 

    11-7-18: "What It Takes to Be Great"- Complete 2nd read of article with annotations: highlight Key Ideas

    11-6-18: "What It Takes to Be Great" pre-reading activity in class HW: Read your November (historical fiction) book! 

    11-5-18: In class: Scope Magazine textual evidence activity HW: November Book Check TOMORROW! 

    11/1-11/2: In Class: October Book Analysis (book report) HW: Get November book (historical fiction) by Monday!

    10-31-18: Complete your Halloween Narrative. Final Draft due tomorrow. Acc Classes (p.4&5)- You must incorporate dialogue. October BOOK REPORT in class tomorrow- Bring book and notes!!!

    10-30-18: Complete Unit 8 Word Sort definitions (Use your spelling dictionary)

    10-29-18: Unit 8 Spelling (Greek Work Parts)- complete pg. 55 #1-20 PLUS paragraph using 10 basic words! Be sure to use the words in the correct context! 

    10/23-10/24: Benchmark Test in class HW: Read your October Book

    10-22-18: Read your October book- Book Report (Literary Analysis) in class 11/1-11/2!

    10/17-10/19: Work on your Story Circle for "The Monsters Are Due" - 9 events, summary and text for each event. Include colored illustrations for each box. All writing in PEN or typed. Completed Story Circle due MONDAY!  

    10-16-18: Complete Story Map for Act I and Act II of "The Monsters Are Due". Write a full sentence for each event and do not forget the theme statement!

    10-15-18: Reading "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street" in class HW: Read your October Fantasy book!

    10-12-18: Read your October Fantasy Book

    10/9-10/11: Unit 1 Performance Task- Multimedia Group Presentation (due Friday)

    10-8-18: No School- inservice day

    10-5-18:Study Sync: Complete COMP questions for "The Call of the Wild"

    10-4-18: Study Sync: Complete THINK questions for "The Call of the Wild" Be sure to A.C.E. them- Answer, Cite, Explain. Be sure to submit them when finished.

    10-3-18: Study Sync: Complete COMP questions for "The Call of the Klondike". Double check before submitting assignment. 

    10-2-18: In class book report- Character Analysis

    10-1-18: In class book report- Character Analysis. Get your October book- FANTASY!

    9-28-18: Read your September Book- Character Analysis (book report) in class Mon-Tues! Bring your book and notes!

    9-27-18: In class Character Analysis paragraph HW: Read your September book. Book Report in class 10/1-10/2

    9-26-18: In class Character Analysis Outline HW: Read your September Book

    9-25-18: Read your September Book

    9-24-18: Study Sync: Complete "COMP" questions for "The Other Side of the Sky". Review carefully and then be sure to submit assignment. 

    9-21-18: Read your September Book! Be sure to take notes! Book report IN CLASS 10/1-10/2

    9-20-18: Study Sync: Complete "COMP" questions for "Barrio Boy". Double check your answers before you submit- this is a test! 

    9-19-18: Study Sync: Complete the "THINK" questions for "Barrio Boy". Be sure to A.C.E. them and cite text properly!! Submit when finished! 

    9-18-18: Study Sync: Complete the "COMP" questions for "Rikki-tikki-tavi". Remember this is a test and be sure to submit assignment when finished.

    9-17-18: Study Sync: Complete the "THINK" questions for "Rikki-tikki-tavi". Remember to A.C.E. them and submit when finished.

    9-14-18: Read your September book! Be sure to take notes! 

    9-13-18: Character Analysis Paragraph (6 sentences) for Rikki-tikki-tavi. Be sure to color code the sentences. Bring outline and Citing Evidence handout tomorrow. 

    9-12-18: Complete Citing Evidence handout for Rikki-tikki-tavi. Bring to class tomorrow with colored pens (red, blue, black, green)

    9-11-18: Complete the Character Trait Evidence sheet for "Rikki-tikki-tavi". Log into Study Sync to get textual evidence if necessary:

     9-10-18: Read your September Book!

    9-7-18: Read your September Book-book check Monday for points. You MUST have your book and notes in class to get credit! 

    9-6-18: Read your September book (free choice fiction) and take notes on character traits and evidence (pg.#)

    9-5-18: Log in evidence for Study Sync (print log in page or pic of screen)

    9-4-18: Complete practice Story Map for "The Three Little Pigs"

    9-3-18: No School

    8-31-18: September Book (free choice fiction) due by Tuesday! Bring book to class daily! 

    8-30-18: Review Bingo in class- Study definition for Unit 5 Test tomorrow!  

    8-29-18: Homophone Review Worksheet. Review Bingo tomorrow in class- study your Give One, Get One! 

    8-28-18: Complete Spelling pgs. 37 #1-24 and pg. 38 #1-24. 

    8-27-18: Unit 5 Spelling (Homophones) "Give One, Get One"- complete definitions for ALL words. (Use your spelling dictionary in your book!)

    8-24-18: Write 1 page "Love Letter to Yourself". Follow letter form. Bring Monday with envelope. 

    8-23-18: Unit 3 Spelling /Vocab worksheet. Test tomorrow! Bring stamps and envelopes.

    8-22-18: Great American Mail Race: Bring 3 copies of your Final Draft Letter (5 paragraphs with all 5 parts of the friendly letter) PLUS your address research sheet and stamps/envelopes.

    8-21-18: Great American Mail Race: 1st Draft Letter (5 paragraphs- follow guidelines and friendly letter format) AND address practice due tomorrow! 3 stamps and envelopes due Thursday! 

    8-20-18: Complete Unit 3 Spelling/Vocab pg. 25 #1-20 and pg. 26 #1-25. STUDY for Friendly letter quiz tomorrow! 

    8-17-18: Completed and Signed Book of the Month packet due MONDAY!! 

    8-16-18:Complete Unit 2 Review Worksheet. Unit 2 Spelling Test tomorrow! Work on your Book of the Month Packet.

    8-15-18:Work on your Book of the Month research. You will have class time tomorrow as well! 

    8-14-18:In Class STAR READING TEST No HW!

    8-13-18: Unit 2 Spelling/Vocab- pg.19 #1-20 and pg.20 #1-11. Book can stay at home! 

    8-10-18: Perform at least 1 Random Act of  Kindness. We will discuss on Monday! :)

    8-9-18:Complete Goal Setting Sheet. Bring Language Arts Notebook daily! 

    8-8-18: Final Draft BIO POEM- in pen or typed with colored illustration! 

    8-7-18: Color AND cut out your SURVIVOR character. Please put your name and period on the back.

    8-6-18: Get Parent Signature on class letter. Class supplies due by THURS. 8/9!