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  • Below are opportunities for extra credit: 

    1. Bring in the following supplies for a total of 20 pts total extra credit possible .  All of these supplies can be found at the 99¢ store or Dollar tree. 
      1. White foam poster board - thick poster board - 5 points
      2. Googlie eyes - 5 points
      3. AA batteries - 10 points
      4. package of pipecleaners - 5 points
      5. package of cheap thin markers - 5 points


    2. Science Current event.  See Mrs. Holt for the correct paperwork . 

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  • This is what we are doing in class.....

    Posted by Kathleen Holt on 8/5/2019

    If you want to know what we are doing in class, or you were absent, no problem....  Just click on the day on the calendar below and you can find out what we are doing, what was assigned and if there is homework.  

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