• Hello! This is my third year teaching at Hermosa and my fifteenth year teaching all together.  I started my career in Redlands teaching first grade for 7 years including a K/1 combo for two of those years.  During that time I received my Masters Degree in Education before having my daughter.  I then moved up to Victorville and started teaching 5th grade in Apple Valley for four years.  I gave birth to my son during my fourth year teaching up there.  My family then moved back down to Rancho Cucamonga and my daughter started Kindergarten here at Hermosa where I fell in love with this school.  I took that year off and then went back to Apple Valley for one more year teaching 7th grade math and science.  After that year I decided to take some time off to be a stay at home PTA mom.  I spent a lot of time here at Hermosa and eventually decided that I missed having my own class of students.  I began subbing and applied to teach again.  After a few tries I was finally hired to work here at Hermosa!  My dream came true to teach at the school my kids attended.  The rest is history!    



    If you have any questions or concerns feel free to Email Me.