• 12 Team, Green is for GO!

    Hello to the 2022-23 12 Team!  Our theme this year is racing so you will spot some checkers on our bulletin boards.  I am super excited to get the new year started and thrilled to see the racers on our class roster!

    The BLUE HOMEWORK FOLDER should go home after school and be returned each morning to class.  The front pocket is where you can place important notes and forms for me and where I will place important notes and forms that need immediate attention from you.  Inside there is the RETURN TO SCHOOL POCKET on the LEFT and the KEEP AT HOME POCKET on the RIGHT.  I would encourage you to make a file basket for your student to place items that come home each day in the KEEP AT HOME POCKET of the BLUE HOMEWORK FOLDER.  This way, papers are out of the folder and not lost.  Items in the RETURN TO SCHOOL POCKET are typically homework or forms to be signed and returned.  Students take the homework out of the pocket to work on it, and students put it back in the RETURN TO SCHOOL POCKET to have the next morning in class.  Students place their finished work and signed notes in the Turn In basket on their own.  We will be placing items in the back pocket that will be helpful for homework, but students will be trained on these tools before they are sent home.  REMEMBER:  The BLUE HOMEWORK FOLDER goes home at the end of the school day for parents to check daily and should come back to school from home in the morning.  

    P.E. is weekly with our physical education teacher on Thursdays.  Everyday students should wear athletic shoes that will allow them to participate in physical activity as there will be classroom minutes and recesses where children will need to move with agility, but P.E. is on Thursdays at 9:20 a.m.  

    LIBRARY with Mrs. Gilliland is Thursday at 10:30 a.m.  Students should check out or renew library books to keep them reading throughout the week.  We work very hard to find right-fit books for each racer.  Right-fit means it’s not too easy and not too hard, and that it piques their interest just enough to keep them wanting to read to the end.  This is the biggest job we have in 3rd Grade to help our racers love reading.

    PBIS, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, is used by Alta Loma School District, and at Alta Loma Elementary these are the 3Rs.  Check with your racer if they are not new to ALE to see if they remember the 3Rs.  We will be working on being Respectful, Responsible and Resourceful.  When a racer is not showing the 3Rs there will be Reteaching of the expected behaviors.  The expected behavior will always be taught first.  Behaviors are always framed in a way to state what the racer should be doing rather than what they should not be doing.  This is a helpful way to speak with your racer at home as well.

    COMMUNICATION may always be addressed to me in the front pocket of the BLUE HOMEWORK FOLDER.  E-mail tchiever@alsd.org is a great way to communicate as I check e-mail regularly each morning and afternoon, before and after student hours.  If you need to reach me during student hours, please phone the office at 909-484-5000.  Be sure the office knows the message is time sensitive so that the note is not placed in my box where I may not get it until the next school day.

    Respectfully, Responsibly, and Resourcefully yours,
    Ms. Chiever

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