• Child Care 2020/2021

    The Alta Loma School District Child Care program provides quality care and supervision in a safe and nurturing environment for children enrolled in Preppy K through 6th grade attending any of our eight elementary sites. The staff provides enrichment activities in art, music, literature, and physical education.  Reading and writing are part of our daily routine and homework time is allocated so that students may work on their regular school assignments. Parents are always welcome in any of our Child Care centers.

    Each site is staffed by a lead Child Care Coordinator and several assistants.  The program is further supervised by a District Director.  Students participate in a variety of activities to encourage and extend academics as well as promote positive social interactions among children.  The curriculum includes story time, arts and crafts, math, writing, science, game exploration, physical education as well as recess.

    Our coordinators and their staff provide positive role models and encourage positive behavior.  Children are encouraged to exercise proper manners and be responsible citizens.  Assistance and guidance is given when needed on homework assignments.
    Please contact Child Care for Enrollment. (Registration link for Aug 5th enrollment will be enabled on June 26, 2019 ) Click Online Registration Link to register. 

    There is an annual non-refundable registration fee of $65.00 per student with a maximum registration fee per family is $150.00.

    Tuition is due monthly and fees are determined by the number of hours of care that may be used before school, after school or a combination of both.

    Monthly Fees for elementary school students
    #of days per week         over 4 hours                       up to 4 hours per week

                                       (extended day)                               (half day)

    5 days                            $410.00                                       $325.00

    4 days                            $350.00                                       $290.00

    3 days                            $280.00                                       $240.00

    2 days                            $225.00                                       $185.00

    1 day                             $140.00                                       $100.00

    Up to 2 hours per day (5 days)    $235.00

    Up to 1 hour per day (5 days)      $130.00

    • Tuition is due on the first of each month.
    • Additional fees will be added for time used beyond contracted hours.
    • Late payment fees are added on the 6th of each month.
    • Additional fees are collected for staff development days, fall, winter and spring breaks.
    • Child Care is available on modified days at no extra charge.
    • Late pickup fees are added if child is not picked up by 6:00 pm
    • No credit is given for absences.

    Operating Procedures

    • Child Care is open Monday through Friday from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm.
    • Snacks are provided; lunch is not provided.
    • Waiting lists are set up at each school site as needed.
    • Payments may be made by check or money order as well as online through our payment processing. The sites do not accept cash.
    • Returned checks will be assessed a fee and must be paid by money order, cashier’s check or credit card.
    • All regular school rules are in effect.
    • Parents will be contacted if child’s behavior is inappropriate.
    • Excessive late tuition, late pickup, or continued inappropriate behavior may result in a forfeiture of services.
    • Parents/guardians must inform Child Care if their child will be absent.
    • A two-week notice must be given when withdrawing from the program.

    For additional information, please call the Elementary Site Coordinator.

    Alta Loma Elementary

         Erika Dandridge                      909-484-0566

    Banyan Elementary

         Marla Lowry                            909-481-2823

    Carnelian Elementary


    Deer Canyon Elementary

         Gina Geck                                909-484-4315

    Hermosa Elementary

         Eva Blassingham                       909-987-5472

    Jasper Elementary

         Stephanie Vasquez                    909-481-2868

    Stork Elementary

         Angie Nelms                              909-484-6807

    Victoria Groves Elementary

         Julie Fried                                  909-466-6041

     Junior High Program – Hang Time

    Hang Time is our Junior High program offered for active young teens as a safe alternative to unsupervised out-of-school time for 7th and 8th grade students. Students have an opportunity to receive homework assistance, participate in enrichment activities, and engage in supervised social activities and events! 

    Program Fees

    • Registration Fee:  $65.00 (non-refundable)
    • Tuition is billed monthly based on individual contracts at the rate of $5.00 per day for mornings only, $12.00 per day for afternoons only,  or $16.00 per day for both.  Invoices will be prepared monthly based on the number of school days each month.
    • Tuition is due on the first day of each month by check or money order.  Cash will not be accepted at the site but will be accepted at the District Support Center.
    • Late payment fees will be charged if tuition is not paid by the fifth day of the month.  Your teen may be discontinued from Hang Time if full payment is not received by the fifteenth day of the month.
    • No credit is given for absences.

    Hours of Operation

    Hang Time is open from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every day that school is in session.  After-school students will report each day to a designated room at each site where roll will be taken.  Parents/guardians will be notified if students are scheduled to attend but do not check in.

    Parents are required to sign in their students in the morning and sign them out in the afternoon.

    Hang Time is not a drop-in program.

    Operating Procedures  

    • Hang Time is available on modified days.
    • An after-school snack is provided.
    • All regular school rules are in effect.
    • Parents will be contacted if a student’s behavior is inappropriate.
    • Excessive late tuitions, late pick-ups, or continued inappropriate behavior may forfeit services.
    • Hang Time must be notified when your student is absent from school.

    For additional information please call:

     Hang Time Coordinator

         Marissa Serna                         909-476-8135

    How do I register?

    To begin the registration process for the elementary or junior high program, click Online Registration Link. Complete the online form and pay the registration fee. PRIOR to your child being fully registered, two additional forms need to be completed and returned.  These can be picked up at each school's child care site or at the District Support Center. Students will be unable to attend until the registration process is complete.

    For additional information, please call:

    Child Care Office                         909-484-5151

         Dr. Chris Becerra, Director         Ext 102050

         Tracy Luster, Secretary              Ext 102059