• EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS:  Communication to Parents

    The Alta Loma School District will work to get accurate and immediate information out to families and communities in the event of an emergency at a district facility that requires parents or families to take immediate action.  The district will use the following ways to communicate:

    Infinite Campus

    This system has an option to immediately notify families via text messaging.

    Our current practice is the voice message call sent to home/cell notifying parents of an emergency at their student’s school.  This system pulls emergency contact information from the school’s student information system, Infinite Campus.  Please make sure your student’s records are up to date to ensure timely notification.

    District/School Website

    The District will use the “District and school website” to communicate information to families, staff and the community before, during and after an emergency. The web address for our District website is www.alsd.k12.ca.us and the web address for Jasper Elementary School is www.alsd.k12.ca.us/Jasper.

    Social Media

    The District will use social media to communicate during an emergency. Please make sure that you “subscribe to” the Alta Loma School District on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Please be sure to “like” and "follow" Jasper Elementary School on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well.

    News Media

    The District will work with our news media partners to provide our school communities with timely information during an emergency.

    ******In the event there is a City wide communication failure due to a large disaster and the district is unable to communicate with families, the District expectation is that families will have a plan in place to pick-up their students from school.  The District recommends that you get to know neighbors near your student’s school so that if you are unable to pick-up your student due to roads being impassable or some other hazard due to the disaster your student can be picked up in a timely manner.  Please make sure all persons authorized to pick-up students are on the emergency contact information at school. ******