• New information for resources during the school closures can be found in Google Classroom.  I've added help pages to my "Class Handouts" here in case you or your child is having trouble getting logged in.  All assignments are also posted in Google Classroom.  Feel free to email me at any time with questions.  nsteely@alsd.org

    Welcome to Mrs. Steely's webpage!  

    *Donations needed: hand sanitizer, baby wipes, spiral notebooks and tissues- Thank you!  

    Please make sure to check the homework posted here as well as the  calendar to see important due dates and reminders.

    You can search for specific homework assignments by clicking on the class subject in the menu.

    Gradebook codes include:

    M - missing 0% credit

    E - excused until I have entered the actual grade or unable to make up

    C - full credit

    F - fixed grade 70% of full credit for fixing a quiz or test

    L - late credit 50% of full credit for turning in a late assignment

    (better than zero!)






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