Goals & Mission Statement

  • Goals

    In order for the Stork students to become well-educated individuals, the following school-wide goals will be emphasized:

    • Stork Elementary School will provide a balanced literacy program that will ensure that every child entering Stork in Kindergarten will be reading on grade level at the end of the third grade.
    • Teachers will utilize instructional techniques and strategies to develop concepts that will promote high levels of proficiency and a quality educational program for each student in all curricular areas.
    • Parent input and involvement will be encouraged, and ongoing communication will keep them abreast of their child’s progress and opportunities within the educational plan.
    • Staff members will be able to participate in various activities designed to enhance their instructional skills and encourage professional growth to support the school’s educational plan.
    • A safe, cooperative, orderly, and positive teaching/learning environment will be maintained to reflect rigorous state academic standards and behavioral expectations.
    • An ongoing assessment will occur to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the school’s educational program, and specifically, to diagnose student learning, provide instruction at the appropriate level of difficulty, and provide assistance for identified students with special needs.
    • All students will be able to participate in activities that develop self-worth, citizenship, and an enthusiasm for learning while further developing their creative talents and abilities.


    Mission Statement

    The mission of Stork Elementary School is to provide a safe, positive, collaborative learning environment focused on high expectations of staff, students, and families through a rigorous standards-based curriculum while emphasizing traits of outstanding character in order to achieve academic success and personal excellence. We want our students to become the best that they can be!