California Junior Scholastic Federation

  • CJSF is a statewide organization for students in grades seven through nine. The purpose of CJSF is to foster high standards of scholarship, service, and citizenship among California students. This honor society  is recognized by high schools and colleges across the country.  By continuing to earn good grades, students can earn Honor Member Status at the end of their 8th grade year. Honor Members will receive a special certificate and pin during our awards assemblies. In addition, they will have the option to purchase a special medallion to wear at promotion and they will be designated in the promotion program as a CJSF Honor Member.

    Students can qualify each trimester of junior high using their final trimester grades.  The application time period runs the first two weeks of each trimester after grades have been posted on Infinite Campus. No applications will be taken after the application window has closed. Annoucements will be made on the broadcast, in morning announcements, and in the Warrior Wrap-up when CJSF sign ups begin. 


    Eligibility notices typically go out on or around the Monday following the posting of report cards. To be eligible, a student must meet ALL of the criteria below during the previous trimester.  

    1. A student must qualify by earning a minimum of 8 points in academic classes (mathematics, science, language arts, and social studies).
      • A’s are worth 3 points
      • A "B" counts as 1 point (in Integrated Math 8 a B counts as 2 points).
      • You must have a grade of "C" or better in physical education and your elective.
      • An "N" or "U" in citizenship in any class will disqualify a student.
    2. Students do not automatically become members based on their grades; they must join CJSF. Students may join each trimester that they qualify by turning in their signed application and paying  their $2.00 dues at the Student Store. (Any student who cannot pay the $2.00 dues should see Mr. Edmon, our Dean of Students, prior to the last day to turn in dues/membership applications.) 
    3. Retroactive memberships are not available. Students must pay their dues and turn in their membership applications during the two-week window after grades are posted. 

    Honor Member Award Eligibility:

    Eligible 8th graders will have the option to purchase and wear a special CJSF Honor Member Medallion prior to promotion; all eligible students will receive a certificate and a pin.

    To be eligible, students must have been a member of CJSF for a minimum of four trimesters, two of which must be during their 7th grade year.