• AR Information


    Students who are in grades 2 through 6 take the AR STAR reading test, and that gives them their Zone of Proximal Development (ZDP or reading level).  Kindergarteners and first graders read and practice, but they do not participate in the Awards Program at these grade levels.

    When reading levels for students in grades 2 through 6 are determined, the students then look for books within their ZDP or within their reading level to read and take quizzes on.  They are allowed to go up or down one level, or with teacher permission may read a book at level different from that at which they were assessed.  We owe a great deal of thanks to the Parent, Faculty, and Student Association paying for the entire AR program, for we now have access to every quiz that is in the program.  Parents, students, faculty, and staff can go to www.arbookfind.com to look up book titles and quizzes.  However, be advised that sometimes it will be necessary to search for an author instead a title in order to locate a particular book.  In addition, there are times when the search will require the entire title of a book, at other times only part of the title (i.e. Wide Window not Series of Unfortunate Events the Wide Window).

    After reading a book, students take a test on what they read. AR assess reading comprehension, so it is important that students are very prepared to take the quiz and answer the questions because if they fail a quiz, it cannot be retaken.  However, with teacher permission and because of extenuating circumstances, a quiz can be removed from a student’s quiz list.

    In order to receive an AR trimester award, students need to have met their point goal set by their teacher and have achieved at least 85% accuracy on the quizzes.

    Students who earn 10 points receive a certificate. Those who earn 50+ points receive a certificate, a reading level backpack tag, and other prizes; they are also recognized  on  stage  at the  Superstar  assembly.

    Students who meet their point goal and score at least 85% for the trimester are invited to attend the AR goal party.

    Parents can chart their child’s progress from home by using the AR parent information on the Home Connect Web site given to them by their child’s teacher.

    Classrooms come to the library once a week and have access to library computers to take AR quizzes. (AR quizzes cannot be taken at home).