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ALSD Distance Learning Program



The Distance Learning Program in the Alta Loma School District will be rigorous and robust with mandatory live classes, high expectations, grade level standards, graded assignments, assessments and report cards. Specialized services will continue for students that require them. Students will have regular, daily live interactions with their teachers and classmates.  


School will begin and end at designated times. Students are expected to log in daily and be on time. Attendance will be taken and participation in live sessions is required. Students may only miss a virtual class if they are ill and “absent” from school. Parents need to call in an absence when their student does not attend. 


Parents or other responsible adults need to assist their student by providing a workspace that is free from distractions, establish a weekly schedule for online coursework access, monitor attendance and coursework completion. Teachers will provide daily instruction in all content areas. Instruction will be taught in whole group and small group settings. Parents may need to navigate Google Classroom and support their students as they work independently. Teachers will have daily office hours to offer support and answer questions. 


Students and parents need to monitor and stay up to date with assignments and grades through the Parent Portal in Infinite Campus. Grades will be based on participation in the Google Meet, assignment completion, assessments, and independent follow up activities. Parents may email the teacher through the Parent Portal, attend the daily office hours, or call the office to leave a message for the teacher. 


Students and parents will practice positive digital citizenship, including appropriate behavior and

contributions during virtual instruction and all other electronic communications. Students and parents shall not engage in behavior that disrupts the learning environment or virtual instruction or compromises school and student safety and security.


Students and parents may not record any virtual instruction instruction and understand that any recording violates Education Code section 51512, which states:

[U]se by any person, including a pupil, of any electronic listening or recording device in any classroom of the elementary and secondary schools without the prior consent of the teacher and the principal of the school given to promote an educational purpose disrupts and impairs the teaching process and discipline in the elementary and secondary schools, and such use is

prohibited. Any person, other than a pupil, who willfully violates this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

Any pupil violating this section shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.


Offices will be open only for office business and parent inquiries. Visitors must wear a mask and follow social distancing practices. All school campuses will be closed to non-essential visitors, including parent volunteers until COVID 19 restrictions are lifted.


Fee-based Childcare is available to families on space availability. Contact the ALSD Childcare Director Chris Becerra,


ALSD will provide the National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs. Parents and students will be able to pick up lunches using their student ID number. Child Nutrition will be sending out an email with further information. 


We are here to support your student during this school year.  If you are experiencing difficulty, your child’s principal is available to work with you. Please contact your school office to access support. As a District, we are energized by the opportunity to provide excellent instruction and support to our students.  Teachers, support staff, and administrators are excited to get the year started and connect with you and your child.