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Home Hospital Program

Any pupil with a temporary disability, which makes attendance in regular day classes or alternative education programs impossible or inadvisable, may receive individual or home instruction. Instruction in the Home/Hospital program will be provided by Alta Loma School District.

The purpose of Home/Hospital Instruction is to support the student in maintaining a continuity of instruction during the student’s absence from the regular program.

To qualify for Home/Hospital Instruction the student’s disability must be diagnosed and verified in writing by a licensed physician.  The term, “temporary disability” means disabled by accident or by physical, mental or emotional illness for a period of three (3) weeks or longer.  A student may also qualify for Home/Hospital instruction through the Individual Educational Plan process.


1. The physician shall have determined, in writing, that the student is unable to attend school for a period of three (3) weeks or longer.

2. Any student who is confined to a hospital or residential health facility within the Alta Loma School District (excluding state hospitals) is eligible for H/H instruction.

3. You must reside within Alta Loma School District to receive services.

4. The District will not provide services if your residence is located outside of Alta Loma School District attendance boundaries. Parents with children who attend Alta Loma School District on a transfer will be asked to dis-enroll their student and re-enroll in your home school district for the duration of their home hospital instruction.  Upon completion of the home hospital time frame, the parent must reapply for an INTER District transfer request to re-enroll in their previous school. If the INTER District transfer is approved, the Alta Loma School District will make every attempt to place the student back into their former class. 

5. Temporarily disabled students who are receiving care in an out-of-district residential health facility (excluding state hospitals) are deemed residents of the district in which the health facility is located.  The student will be eligible forHome/Hospital instruction in that school district.

6.  Students can be assigned by an Individual Educational Plan based on the student’s need for home instruction as an alternative to an on-campus program.


Please contact your students attendance clerk to find out more information on how to enroll for this program.