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Footsteps to Brilliance Early Reading Program

Alta Loma Elementary and the Alta Loma School District working in partnership with San Bernardino County, is happy to announce a tiered early reading program that you can access at your home for your students to offer early reading skill development and beyond to support literacy by grade 3. 

The program, Footsteps to Brilliance, is free of charge and can be accessed on a computer, tablet, or phone device.  Please see the attachment for specific instructions on how you can access the program. If possible, the original program set-up is more easily completed on a computer as opposed to a device. Once the program is set up, it can be used from any device. The attachment also provides additional information regarding the three tiered literacy program.

We hope you find Footsteps to Brilliance to be an excellent resource throughout the school year and during summer.

 F2B Parent Guide.pdf