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New Radios Bring Added Safety Measures to ALSD Schools

New Radios Bring Added Safety Measures to ALSD Schools

The Alta Loma School District recently purchased new multi-channel two-way radios to give ALSD schools another communications tool and add another layer of safety preparation.

The devices give district personnel the ability to communicate across the district in the event the Voice-Over Internet Protocol telephone system is unavailable.

“If for some reason cell phones and land lines both go down, we still have the ability to communicate,” said ALSD Superintendent James Moore.

The new VoIP phone system runs on the district’s upgraded wireless network and has vastly enhanced communications to and from all district sites. However, should there be an interruption in the Internet connection, the radios provide backup communications.

Two-way radios are designed for voice communication between users with similar radios using the same frequency. While only one person can speak at a time, all users on the same channel are able to participate in the same conversation.