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Vineyard Earns Statewide Gold Award for Outstanding PBIS Program

Vineyard Earns Statewide Gold Award for Outstanding PBIS Program


Vineyard Junior High School’s exceptional work in creating and nurturing a positive and collegial campus environment and culture for students and staff has been recognized by the California PBIS Coalition with a PBIS Gold Implementation Award.


PBIS, or Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, is a behavior and discipline framework that creates a culture of collaboration and shared responsibility among staff, students and families to foster school environments that are safe and welcoming. The purpose is to move students from negative behavior toward respect, kindness and compassion.


Vineyard is the first school in the Alta Loma School District to ever earn the Gold PBIS Implementation Award, and one of only 308 schools across the state to earn a PBIS Gold Award for 2018-2019.


The most recent recognition is just the latest of several for Vineyard, which was named California Distinguished School earlier this year. The school also earned a PBIS Silver Award for 2017-2018.


“We are extremely proud to have earned both the 2019 California Distinguished School Award and the 2019 PBIS Gold Award for creating a positive school culture for learning at Vineyard,” said Principal Sandy Rose. “These awards can certainly be attributed to our amazing students, highly qualified and professional staff and supportive parent community.”


The California PBIS Coalition, also known as CPC, initiated the awards program to acknowledge schools that successfully implement PBIS with a focused commitment to the national PBIS framework. The goal is to intentionally direct students toward good behaviors, maximizing classroom instructional time and minimizing disruptions so that students are better able to focus on the intended classroom instruction. The purpose is to shift negative student behavior toward more positive behavior in an effort to increase student achievement.


The Vineyard formula is simple and echoed by other schools throughout the district. Schoolwide and classroom behavior expectation matrices are explicitly taught, reviewed, posted throughout the campus and are supported by all staff members. Students attend behavior and safety assemblies throughout the year. To reinforce positive behavior, students receive PBIS tickets and are entered into weekly, monthly and end-of-trimester drawings for rewards. In addition, four students are recognized weekly as “PBIS Students of the Week” for following the three school-wide behaviors: being respectful, responsible and relational.


The school’s PBIS statement of behavioral purpose reads, “Vineyard Junior High believes student success is realized when a positive school culture is created and sustained, empowering all students to achieve their academic, social, and emotional potential.”


The approach is designed to help schools better manage school discipline and improve school culture for all students. It also establishes specific consequences for violations of that code of conduct. The criteria are applied equally to all students, and it requires detailed data tracking and analysis of student behavior.


A number of intervention practices and organizational systems for establishing the social culture and the appropriate learning and teaching environment go into the PBIS formula. School staff members are trained in the PBIS framework before the program is implemented. Parent communication follows, and then students are taught expected behaviors both inside and outside of the classroom setting in a wide variety of environments.


Instead of negative consequences, PBIS uses evidence-based behavior intervention strategies to enhance positive academic and social outcomes for all students on school campuses. The approach helps schools better manage school discipline and improve school culture for all students.