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ALSD Shows “All Green” on Latest California Dashboard

Students across the Alta Loma School District continue to perform well over a range of statewide academic, attendance and behavioral accountability indicators, showing ongoing growth and improvement.


ALSD was the only school district in San Bernardino County to display “green” in all four indicators in which it was measured in the California Department of Education’s recently released California School Dashboard.


Performance on state measures, using comparable statewide data, is represented by one of five colors. The Alta Loma School district showed solid performance and continuous growth, indicated by the green performance level, in language arts, mathematics, chronic absenteeism and suspension rate.


“To have the county’s only fully green dashboard is a testament to the hard work of our teachers and students,” said ALSD Superintendent James Moore. “More than anything, the dashboard shows that our students are doing well and are continuing to grow and improve.”


The California School Dashboard is not intended to serve as a comparison tool between school districts or schools, but instead offers a picture of how a school or school district is meeting the needs of its students from one year to the next, and whether there was improvement. It provides a quick overview of student performance over multiple measures of student success to identify strengths, weaknesses and areas in need of improvement. The data affords educators and parents a source of meaningful and relevant information about how their schools and school districts are performing.


“We are fortunate to have hardworking students, a focused staff dedicated to quality instruction and a positive learning experience for all,” said Lori Thompson, ALSD associate superintendent for educational services. “And we appreciate our parents and guardians who support our efforts every day.”


The dashboard includes performance markers from statewide measurements, along with local indicators. It defines school progress by more than a single test score and addresses equity with a focus on disparities between student subgroups.


For each of the indicators, school districts receive schoolwide and student subgroup color-coded performance levels. The colors range from blue (highest) to green, yellow, orange and red (lowest). The performance level color is not included when there are fewer than 30 students that fall into that category during a giving year. That is represented using a gray color dial with the words, “No Performance Color.”


Data for the Alta Loma School District can be found on the California School Dashboard at