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ALSD Says Farewell to Longtime Employees after 2019-2020

Perhaps lost without the fanfare of a traditional celebration because of the Covid-19 pandemic, 43 Alta Loma School District employees retired during or at the end of the 2019-2020 school year, including three people who had worked for the district for more than 40 years.

Another 14 employees logged 30 or more years of service with ALSD. In total, last year’s retirees totaled 1,116 years of service—or an average of nearly 26 years apiece.

Denice Merha, child nutrition lead at Alta Loma Junior High, and Mary Laramie, librarian at Floyd M. Stork Elementary School, topped the list with 42 years apiece with the school district. Stork teacher Jean Mumbleau retired after 40 years of service.

“We saw an extraordinary number of retirements last year, but that is not surprising when you look at the lengthy tenures of the people who have given so much of their lives to serve the students and families of Alta Loma,” ALSD Superintendent James Moore said.

“I’ve frequently said that the Alta Loma School District is a family, and we are thankful for everything all of our teachers and staff members have done to make our schools so special. I’m sorry we couldn’t have a big celebration, but we are happy to thank and congratulate all of our retirees on their many years of service to our community.”

The Alta Loma School District employees who retired last school year are:

Mary Laramie, Librarian, Floyd M. Stork School, 42 years

Denice Merha, Child Nutrition Lead, Alta Loma Junior High, 42 years

Jean Mumbleau, Teacher, Floyd M. Stork School, 40 years

Debra Knight, Senior Payroll Clerk, District Support Center, 36 years

Janice Frazier, Teacher, Carnelian School, 35 years

Helene Kowal, Teacher, Hermosa School, 33 years

Julie Little, Teacher, Banyan School, 33 years

Steven Amaon, Custodian-Lead, Vineyard Junior High School, 32 years

Joanna Hartman, Teacher, Victoria Groves School, 32 years

Thirza Jones, Teacher, Hermosa School, 32 years

Armando Olivas, Warehouse Delivery Worker-Lead, District Support Center, 32 years

Maclovio Rodriguez, Custodian-Night, Vineyard Junior High, 32 years

Mark MacKenzie, Teacher, Floyd M. Stork School, 31 years

Debra Smith, Bus Driver, District Support Center, 31 years

Daniel Wilt, Teacher, Alta Loma Junior High, 31 years

Patricia Breicha, Kitchen Lead, Deer Canyon School, 30 years

Dawn Carrera, Teacher, Hermosa School, 30 years

Mary Ann Blanc, Confidential/Administrative Secretary, Educational Services, District Support Center, 29 years

Karen Disario, Bus Driver, District Support Center, 29 years

Kathryn Franklin, Teacher, Carnelian School, 26 years

Donna Maury, Teacher, Alta Loma Junior High, 26 years

Carol Whitaker, Director of Child Care, District Support Center, 26 years

Shirley Mesa, Instructional Aide-ALC, Vineyard Junior High, 25 years

Christine Garoutte, Bus Driver, District Support Center, 24 years

Kelli Lopez, Administrative Secretary-Administrative Services, District Support Center, 24 years

Roberto Ornelas, HVAC Technician, District Support Center, 24 years

Diane Sheridan, Teacher, Jasper School, 24 years

Chita Johnson, Teacher, Alta Loma Junior High, 23 years

Dianna Mellinger, Library/Media Clerk, Vineyard Junior High, 23 years

Ruth Stover, Attendance Clerk, Jasper School, 23 years

Sarah Beyenberg, Attendance Clerk, Carnelian School, 22 years

Ellen Feyk, Teacher, Carnelian School, 21 years

Jeanne Kline, Instructional Aide, Carnelian School, 21 years

Nancy Barboza, Instructional Aide – P.E - 20 years

Janet Marentette, School Secretary, Floyd M. Stork School, 20 years

Mary Lomeli, Child Nutrition Worker, Alta Loma Junior High, 19 years

Rosemarie Walker, Special Education Instructional Aide (SNA), Deer Canyon School, 19 years

Deanna Holdsworth, Library/Media Clerk, Hermosa School, 18 years

Anja Marttila, Child Nutrition Worker, Jasper School, 18 years

Sydney Aden, Teacher, Deer Canyon School, 15 years

Lisa Strohm, Account Clerk-Intermediate, Child Nutrition, District Support Center, 13 years

Rue Judd, Special Education Instructional Aide (SNA), Jasper School, 7 years

Barbara Zimmerman, Child Nutrition Worker, Alta Loma Junior High, 3 years