Full Student Support is Top ALSD Priority

Full Student Support is Top ALSD Priority

District support for their children’s mental, social and emotional health continues to be a top concern for parents throughout the Alta Loma School District, according to recent surveys of district families.

“There is nothing more important than the safety and well-being of our students, and we are continuously working to ensure that we have every base covered when it comes to the health of our children,” said ALSD Superintendent James Moore.

The district offers multiple systems of support for students and families on a year-round basis, as well as detailed protocols that inform staff how to respond to crisis situations.

The district’s multi-tiered comprehensive school counseling program offers a team of professionals that provide support for social, emotional and behavior related problems and crisis counseling. ALSD has increased its counseling staff to 10 mental health professionals, which includes counselors and behavioral health therapists. Teachers and staff also receive training to identify signs of depression, anxiety and other social and emotional issues.

The Alta Loma School District offers periodic parent education nights that focus on mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and suicide, as well as a social-emotional awareness curriculum called Second Step and cyber safety workshops for parents.

“We encourage parents to carefully monitor and speak candidly with their children student about these and other life issues,” Moore said. “Our staff members and counseling services are available to students and families at any time for no cost, so we hope they take advantage of these programs. Our district counseling staff and school principals can answer questions and are there to help.

Moore said the suite of services and interventions have been established to support families, whether through individual counseling, group interactions or collaborations with other agencies. References and referrals to counseling services outside of the district are provided to families that may require immediate or ongoing assistance.

The school district also partners with various community organizations that offer further support, including those linked below.