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We are excited to introduce the EXPLORE Program.  This program will take the place of our traditional child care program.  Although there will not be many changes as we already provided a comprehensive before and after-school program, families will see enhanced opportunities for the same low cost as our former child care program.  Below you will find the rates for our fee-based EXPLORE program. You won't want to miss this robust before and after-school opportunity.

2024-25  EXPLORE & Hang Time Program Fees

The first day of the 2024/25 school program is August 5, 2024.
The last day of the 2024/25 school program is May 21, 2025.
We are closed October 7, 2024.

We are closed March 10, 2025.

We are closed May 22- June 2, 2025.

Registration fees are charged annually for each new school year. (For example: students who enroll in EXPLORE/Hang Time and pay a registration fee in March will still be charged a registration fee for the following Fall program in August.) Registration is $65.00 for all students. There is a $150.00 maximum for registration fees charged per family. The registration fee is non-refundable. Additionally, a $25.00 fee will be charged for re-enrollment when a student withdraws and re-enrolls during the school year. A withdrawal for less than four consecutive weeks is not considered a withdrawal and will be charged the full monthly rate.


Our rates are determined by monthly contracts as follows: 

# of Days per Week

(before & after school)

Full time 

more than 4 hours daily


Part time

up to 4 hours daily

5 Days



4 Days



3 Days



2 Days



1 Day



Up to 2 hours per day, 5 days (or less) per week:  $250.00

Up to 1 hour per day, 5 days (or less) per week:  $140.00

Additional charges for non-school days for TK-6th, which include Staff Development, Fall Recess, Winter
Recess, and Spring Break, are $25.00 per day within contract and $40.00 per day outside of contract. There are no additional charges for early release (modified)

These rates are charged regardless of the actual number of days EXPLORE/Hang Time is open each month. If a student begins any time after the first school day of the month, this tuition will be prorated based on the monthly contract. Daily prorated rates are based on an average of 20 days per month.

There is no reduction in tuition and credit is not given for absences. An additional fee of $7.00 per hour (or any portion of an hour) will be charged when exceeding contract hours. The contract will be adjusted upward to the next contract level if this occurs more than three times in any given month.

Late pick-up fees will be charged for pick-up after 6:00pm at the rate of $5.00 per student for the first minute and then $1.00 per additional minute, per student.

Additional fees may be charged for field trips that are scheduled during breaks. A two week (14 calendar days) written notice is required for withdrawal from the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

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