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Notice for 2023-24 School Year

After close evaluation of the enrollment of special education and general education students in grades TK-8 district-wide, the Alta Loma School District has determined the current status for all schools regarding new inter and intra-district transfers.  Please see the following chart for the current status of each school.  Schools marked closed are due to lack of space.  This information will be updated as needed.

*Currently, Special Education Programs at all school sites are closed

School Site

Inter and Intra-District Transfer Status

Alta Loma Elementary


Banyan Elementary


Carnelian Elementary


Deer Canyon Elementary


Hermosa Elementary


Jasper Elementary


Stork Elementary


Victoria Groves Elementary


Alta Loma Junior High


Vineyard Junior High


  • An Intra-District Transfer between schools within the Alta Loma School District boundaries.

  • Once an Intra-District Transfer is approved, you must remain at that school site for a minimum of the approved school year.

  • These forms can be obtained at your school site, Alta Loma School District Office located at: 9390 Base Line Rd. Alta Loma, Ca. 91701 or access the Intra-District Transfer form here Intra-District Transfer Form

  • An Inter-District Transfer is a transfer between the Alta Loma School District and other school districts outside of the Alta Loma boundaries.

  • ALSD requires families to reapply for new Inter-District transfers between their TK/K years and their 6th/7th grade year. (Not required for the 24/25 school year due to middle school model transitional year.  Will be required for the 25/26 school year.)

  • These forms must be obtained from the district where your residence is located.

Are you applying to enter the ALSD?

If you are applying to enter the Alta Loma School District via an Inter-District Transfer, please know that once we receive the release from your home district we will still require 2 documents to begin processing your request.  You will need to supply us with your student's most recent report card which must include their grades, attendance and discipline along with our Inter-District Agreement Letter, which states that you agree to the Alta Loma School District's transfer policies. 


The application window for Intra-District and Inter-District Transfers will be open beginning February 1, 2024.  

*  All transfers may not be processed until final space availability is determined.

*  Families submitting a request for the current school year will receive a decision within 30 calendar days from the date the request was received.

*  Families submitting a request for the 2024 - 2025 school year will be notified of the District's final decision as soon as possible, but no later than 14 calendar days after the beginning of instruction for the upcoming school year. 


*  Questions?  Please contact the Student Services Department at (909) 484-5151 Ext: 102040

or read our Board Policy here.

Do you want to leave ALSD?

To apply for an Inter-District Transfer to leave the Alta Loma School District and enroll in a new district, you will need to print the Inter-District Transfer Application.  Once printed you will need to complete the application and return it to the Pupil Services Department at the Alta Loma School District by one of the following methods:

  • 9390 Base Line Rd. Alta Loma, Ca. 91701


  • Fax: 909-484-5170  Attn:  Sara Seagrove