attendance matters; image of backpack and school supplies

Every day of school attendance is important to a child's learning and school success.  We know you want the very best education for your child.  That education can only be achieved if your child is in school each day!

Please help your child get to school each day by:

  • Planning your family vacations during summer or the designated school breaks

  • Teaching your child to be on time for school each day

  • Making sure your child stays home only when he or she is sick

  • Asking your child's doctors to schedule appointments before or after school hours or on school breaks

  • Bringing your child to school before and after his/her daytime doctor appointment

  • Planning family outings such as trips to Disneyland on non-school days

We recognize that illnesses may arise as well as unusual circumstances.  When these occur, we urge you to keep an open line of communication with your school staff and teacher(s) to ensure that your student remains engaged in the learning process.  We also urge you to follow the recommended procedures below, if your student must be absent from school.

Good Attendance

Zero to Thrive, an article that discusses the importance. of routines for our children

School Telephone Numbers:

Alta Loma Elementary School            909-484-5000

Banyan Elementary School                909-484-5080

Carnelian Elementary School              909-484-5010  

Deer Canyon Elementary School        909-484-5030

Hermosa Elementary School              909-484-5040 

Jasper Elementary School                  909-484-5050

Stork Elementary School                    909-484-5060

Victoria Groves Elementary School    909-484-5070

Alta Loma Junior High School            909-484-5100

Vineyard Junior High School               909-484-5120