History of the Alta Loma School District

The Alta Loma School District was established as an elementary school district in 1885, and provides education for children from transitional kindergarten through eighth grade. The District operates eight elementary schools (transitional kindergarten through sixth grade) and two middle schools (grades 6, 7 and 8).

The District encompasses approximately 25 square miles in the northern part of the City of Rancho Cucamonga and adjoining unincorporated areas. The District is located in the western portion of San Bernardino County, approximately 40 miles east of Los Angeles and 19 miles west of the City of San Bernardino.

District History

Historical building

The Alta Loma School District, formed in September 1884, was originally called the Hermosa School District, opening its school doors in September 1885. The schoolhouse contained two classrooms with a library in-between. Part of the school curriculum was planting a garden. In 1921, the "new" Alta Loma School was built at the northwest corner of 19th and Hellman. The new school became quite a gathering place for the whole community on many occasions: PTA dinners, Boy Scouts, May Day festivities and the Christmas program.

What We Are About

Our shared values are . . .
the long-term measurable goals we strive to achieve

  • Excellence in student learning

  • Safe and orderly school environments

  • Active parent, school, and community involvement

  • Responsible citizenship

  • Maximization of District resources

Our strategies for success are . . .
the means by which we will achieve our shared values

  • We will create educational programs that meet the interests and needs of the whole child and provide access to the best instructional tools, including technology.

  • We will implement a system of assessment based on District standards aligned with a rigorous and relevant curriculum.

  • We will identify, organize, and develop District resources to support a safe environment for learning where pupils are valued and respected.

  • We will communicate effectively in order to engage the entire community in the education of our students.